Figures of Speech

Vaguely – In a way that is uncertainly, indefinite or unclear, roughly. Not very specific or clear. The ants were vague because you can’t tell that they are a sinner and a produce of evil.

Myriad- It means thousands and thousands; a lot. It was pertaining to the swarming ants.

Anguish- The feeling of extreme distress, suffering, or pain. In the story it described that living things were slowly dying in anguish. Living things like the boy, ants, and the buck were the ones that was being described when the author said that living creatures were dying in anguish.

Fatality – A death resulting in disaster. The root word of fatality is fatal it could symbolize our faith, dead body and our death. It also means the statistic of the number of people’s death. The boy, protagonist, was not aware of the importance of life until he realized what living really is.

Stoicism – Endurance of pain and not show emotion. Showing that your grimly satisfied with death and time.

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