Hannah and fairy tales

       Hanna is a character from the movie “HANNA”. Through her journey, there was some difficulties that have emerge and  had similar adventure with some fairy tales that probably most people know. Like Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding hood for an illustration. The plot of the story Hanna  had some part whereas these stories were a theme at the events in the movie.

       An old tale about a little girl getting tricked by a big bad wolf after getting back from the woods, little red riding hood went to the the bed to check upon her grandmother and the wolf took advantage of that momentum to trick the young lady, hiding behind the covers and pretending to be the grandmother. Almost got eaten, in other books it says that the big bad wolf was pushed in the to the fire while cooking the grandmother, other books says the wolf fell asleep and red riding hood took that as a right time to smash the ax in his head. Moreover on Hannah in the movie thought Marissa Wiegler was already dead and she killed her by her own two hands. But in reality Hannah was in a trap where Marisa has been watching out for her the whole time. Similarities between this two tale is that Marissa like the wolf was watching Hannah like a prey then catch her.

       Next to this is, Snow white, a girl that was supposed to die due to a mad villain that was psychotic and envious of how pretty snow white was and ordered a huntsman to kill her. At the story Hannah, on the other hand, Hannah’s existence is no longer a secret and Marissa already knew about her. So Weigler went and called people to dispatch Hannah and bring the kid over to her. In this case both story did have happy ending but twain also had some range through their course. Examples are, Hanna had left the place where Eric and her had stayed, and throughout the adventure, a family accompanied her journey. Same as snow white, who luckily encountered the seven dwarfs that had also played a huge role on her life, helped her in some of the rough occasions she had faced.

        Another story that relates to this movie is Hansel and Gretel. The kids where tricked by the house owner who is a cannibal, using candies as a bribe and alluring children inside the house and capture preys. Matching the movie and the story also made resemblance. Comparison to this is a part where in the story of Hansel and Gretel was the kids were to be eaten but found a way out tricking the witch ending up escaping the candy house and pushing the witch on the fireplace. Hanna at the movie was ordered to dispatch but found a way out, outsmarting the antagonist. Fought all the bad guys and breakout cleanly.

During the journey Hanna learned to protect herself relying on no one. Believing in nothing and most of all being a savage. In this film, it was purposely made to associate with fairy tales to connect the perception in two both perspectives of the story and make it relatable to watchers.


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