Responding to the story: The adventurous life of john Goddard

  1.   John Goddard’s motivation through his journey was his goals and his promises. Buddy didn’t get to survive throughout the journey and since both promised to end the course no matter what or who ever’s the last man standing he would still be continuing the expedition. The goal to fulfil the will to John Goddard’s friend he made his way out there and finished the journey himself
  2.   By the age of sixty-four I would picture my life to be lit? Big mansion with a big pool wear you can canoe. A huge flat screen television in each room in the house. Probably with my partner creating Dope memories. Saved enough money to not work instead have people working for me. I’d probably be going around and be like a missionary sharing the gospel and meeting a bunch of people.
  3.   Before the age of forty, I would like to accomplish things I want to do with my life such as leaving vermilion, finish school safely, sending scary email chains to the people I dislike, getting to a serious fight and get in trouble, Jumping out of the plane with a parachute, getting in the news headlines, have fame and chains that goes bling bling, meet some good dope people and befriend them, give my mom and dad a good life.
  4.    I would want to have a far off adventure myself because I don’t really have friends that I’d want to stick with, I could call my family whenever I miss them since technology has upgraded. Going on my adventure may lead me to meeting better people, exploring other culture, having the knowledge of being able to going on with your day independently. Appreciating being alone and working hard to reach your goals individually.
  5. My top 3 goals that would probably be the hardest to fulfill would be that having a mansion, getting into news headlines and have fame with chains that goes bling bling. I can’t really see the future right now. It isn’t that clear for me to see like other people, they already have plans and goals.. Mine is bit of everywhere.
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