Responding to the story: I’ve got Gloria


1.  The father and scott in the story, I’ve got gloria, had a conflict that got on the way. It’s a love hate relationship between the father and the son. It’s hard to accept that we created something wrong and admitting it. As for Scott and his father, both did something wrong but would not accept that they’ve done something wrong.  In this case both fought and created a conflict between them.

2. In the story Scott had to be sent to a summer school. He’s first day would probably be the awkwardest, seeing Mrs. Whitman and other people on the spot. Scott would probably befriend Mrs. Whitman. In the other hand Mrs. Whitman would see Scott attend the summer school and would probably show signs he forgives him. Both might share their perspectives on the lesson or each other and might create a bond.

3. An embarrassing moment that happened last few months ago was, I was having a good day smiling and looking cute feeling like a beauty to everyone, then after lunch I was suppose to go talk to Mr. Mac but then he was talking to someone on the phone and had to wait little did I know I had some spinach in between my teeth and was looking like an idiot smiling the whole the day not knowing that I had something in my teeth.

4. Mrs. Whitman probably sees Scott as a child, too young that he’s being immature and sensitive with the issue when he can do something about it. Grades is one of the affair in the story in which affects both individuals. Scott had failed his test and took a revenge of the teacher that gave him an F, by taking the dog and called in for a ransom of a higher mark. Since adult thinks differently from youth, Mrs. Whitman knowing that scott’s got a bad grade she’d want to help him as well and get her dog in exchange.

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