Leader and Heroes

    A leader is a person that leads and commands an organization. A hero is a person that’s admired by many for outstanding achievements.

     Leaders are there to voice out the opinions of its people. To lead them not in poverty but to guide, plan and prepare for their future. To make sure that his people should have standard of living, quality of life and sustainability. Being a leader has a lot of responsibilities, since the whole crowd believes that he’s got the perfect  strategy and method to get them to the right place. A smart chief is essential, especially when an official order is made. It’s a duty of a leader to be able to be confident, problem solver, and considerate, to be able to deliver a good impression to the public.

   Heroes are people that have achieved great things through suffer and hard work. Batman, superman, and Captain America wasn’t called heroes because they were hot, they were called hero because they have left an impression to the nation. They’ve fought many to save the life of humanity, but this carries responsibilities. To be physically and emotionally is necessary for heroes to be a hero. If being afraid and weak is one of their characters, it wouldn’t make no difference to other normal people.  

    A hero is a is still a hero after death. It’ll go down to history that the person saved lives of many and has contributed a lot for the community. Once hero, always a hero. While as a leader, protected the people through power, sincerity and words. They might be ordinary and not have used their own body  to protect their people but the have used their brains to outsource the situations to give the people a better life. A time may come, when our leaders and heroes may become greedy, so be careful in choosing the people you trust, believe, and praise, it might be the wrong person

   Afterall a hero and a leader may not be the same but both deserves respect. After putting all the effort for the citizens to have a better life. As the voters and the resident in this country we should also be responsible to who we choose to be our leader, our hero.

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