Responding to the story: Julius Caesar

A.  In the textbook replied Brutus to the people of rome, “Not that I loved caesar less but that I love Rome more” “Had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that caesar were dead, to live all free man” said thee brutus. Means that if the people of Rome didn’t start realizing what Caesar’s plan was for them in the future and didn’t make a move to change their fate,  then they would have to end up with a disadvantage. According to Brutus, the Romans should see that his intentions are clear and he’s committed to whatever task comes his way.

B.  The Romans seems to be convinced with Brutus’s sincerity. They give him an agreement by their applaud declaring ‘’ Live, Brutus! Live! Live” With this, it showed their respond to Brutus’s speech was acknowledge they agree to what comes out of Brutus’s mouth.

C.  Since Marc Anthony promised to Brutus’s squad, he was able to talk in front of the romans and share his speech to people convincing the people that Brutus was an honorable man yet a liar by adding to the speech that Brutus was all about him being  honourable but actually blames and lies about the late king, Julius Caesar.

D.  I disagree, Marc said that he wasn’t an orator to look humble and real but in reality his intentions are actually to spread his opinion and he’s about to backstab brutus in his speech.

E.  Marc Anthony incites the romans to rise and mutiny by, saying not to obey these commandments and not to rise on their own will and rebel but to be a strong community that puts their trust at their leader.

F.  In the end my conclusions about the romans is that, it would be difficult to have marc     anthony as their leader because he has his pride and really wanting to rule the rome. In the end he would mostly be be fed up about rome and be stressed about it to be crazy. If Brutus were to be the leader he still has someone with, to guide him, to make decisions, like his wife and cassius and this could create a great environment for a leader that has someone to trust or lean on.

G.   Both would make sense to be a leader but at the same time both has weak flaws. Brutus has a calm and warm feeling when he talks to the people of rome, he tries to understand the romans feeling before making any harsh statement but should be careful. While Marc, is kinda like an aggressive guy that betrayed brutus saying bad things to him. Who knows if he also can backstab the people in rome as well saying this and that but actually the one that gives them a hard time in the future.

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