Problems of Evil

     Evil isn’t evil without a body performing wrong actions. It is caused with a person’s own decision choosing the right or wrong. The problems of Evil grows in humanity, leading them astray.

   God is the creator of all things. Free will is a gift of God, but bad choices results evil. Sinning is the most unavoidable manner. Not only does it make an individual sin physically but it also affects them spiritually through faith. Growing weak to God leads to more sinning, therefore evil then takes the advantage to lure the believers and the unbelievers to choose wrong choices. Says in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” All has sinned but God is merciful, so he sent his one and only son Jesus Christ down to earth to pay for all who has sinned.

      Physical evil is spiritual evil. Anyone who is breathing right now and then, will feel empty. Not knowing the purpose of living, scared or confused. In Romans 6:6 the Holy Spirit calls our body “the body of sin,” Our body is the stronghold of “sin,” the tool of “sin,”. Conscience is the will of God, like sinning, before or after choosing the wrong choice, a little voice in our heads will speak and tell us how we manage the situation. Our own self can be our own enemy. The flesh that gets the work done that leads us to doing evil. Eggs are an example of a human, spirit and soul. Like the shell, egg white and the yolk, they have different parts but are called egg as a whole.

      Good people also suffers. As God already said in Ecclesiastes 7:20  “There is not a righteous person on earth who always does good and never sins”. This means, no one is good enough to be righteous and have not sin, everyone might’ve sinned or is still sinning that caused them to have great suffer. The thing is, suffer doesn’t always means bad. It is trials that God make people face in their life to see and know who would be faithful or unfaithful to him till the end. Who would turn away from their wicked ways and surrender to God.

    Evil will stay with mankind till the end of days. But to those who stay faithful to God and wait for him will not perish but have an eternal life.


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