Who am I?

How should we treat others?  We should treat others with respect, and hope they treat me same way back.   How do people react to tragedy or loss in their lives?  People react differently when they lost in their life. For me, when I find out I cry on that day I found out and I cry till it’s the funeral since I don’t cry at funerals. For others, they cry the day find out and at the funeral.   What are ways of overcoming doubts and fears?  There are many ways you can overcome your doubts and fears, for me, I make a list and get a friend or two to help me with my fears or doubts, for example, I got my two best friends to help get back into shaking since I haven’t gone skating in forever because I’m scared of hurting myself again.   What is the meaning of love?  An intense feeling of deep affection, and great interest and pleasure in something.

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