Life Is Scientific- Lord of the Flies

“Life is scientific”

The book takes place on a deserted island when a group of boys who were traveling somewhere hot crashed into the island. The plane left a scar on the side of the beautiful island. AS the hours turned into days and days turned into weeks, the boys have realized the reality of the situation and the importance of keeping there hope up. An important aspect of the book is who became chief and the power that the conch has. On a bright and beautiful day the boys needed to have a game plan and decide who needed to be the leader. Afterthought and arguments were put into the conversation ralph became the leader. He mentioned that when someone has the conch no one else can talk because it has power. The conch brought everyone together and it symbolizes democracy and power.

Piggy is an 12 year old male who is self conscious and often takes thing to heart.  

In this book, Piggy goes through tough challenges that test his relationships with the boys and ability to do stuff with his asthma. Piggy was the first boy to meet Ralph so Piggy  was Ralph’s first friend on their vacation on the island. Everyone seems to get along with each other except for Ralph and Jack. They both battled to be the leader but only one could come out on top.

When Ralph realizes that his leadership is wavering, he decides to call a meeting to attempt to settle the issues they are having which include the beast. While the meeting takes action, Jack has seen how everyone fears of the beast and seen that he’s also able to advantage of that fear to further undermine Ralph’s control. After Ralph and Jack go back and forth arguing, Piggy steps in and tries to scientifically solve the problem. During the meeting, things got out of hand and Piggy encouraged  Ralph to blow the conch to get everyone settled again. The conch is an important part in this book because it symbolizes power and civilization.   While the meeting carries on, Piggy speaks up and says “life is scientific”.

Piggy mentions that we live in the lab. This means that we are in an experimental  world and we don’t know what is going to happen to us except God. God has a plan for everyone, we just don’t know what is going to happen to us. During an experiment, you often learn something that you did not know before. Everyday is an new experiment because  we often learn something new. God teaches us new things all the time even when we least expect it. He leaves us clues throughout our adventure during life. “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better” Ralph Waldo Emerson said.

While they are talking about how life is experimental, they realize that the sanity is broken. That means everyone is getting out of control. An example of something getting out of control would be the sea. The sea is an indigo of infinite possibilities.  Everyday the sea does a new thing and no one knows what it is gonna do. It all depends on the weather and the wind and it’s an experiment to know what it will do. There are many things that could happen if you went into the sea. God has a plan for you. While Ralph is going through a midlife crisis, he realizes that the conch is losing its power.

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