Step 1: Add up the numbers you have circled in the 20 questions.

My score: __________

Step 2: Review the bread down section and analyze your communication patterns.


90-100 you have a great grasp of communication with a thorough understand of how and when to use problem-solving skills in diverse conflict situation.

71 – 89  you are a strong Communicator who understands concepts of interpersonal dynamics there are still a few areas of communication you can grow in.

51-70 you have a basic Understanding of communication principles. However, there is room for improvement in several areas of your communication approach which will help you in different conflicts.

20-50 Your communication effectiveness is not what it could be. You have multiple areas of growth which needed  to be worked on in order for you to communicate clearly with others on a regular basis.

2. What are my strengths as a listener:
My strengths as a listener are in a conversation I like to clarify the other person’s meaning if i am not understanding clearly. I can receive correction or negative feedback without getting defensive. I never argue in my mind with the other person when he/she is saying something I don’t agree with. When a conflict arises I don’t assume I am right and the other person is wrong.

What I want to fix about being a listener:
Not getting distracted when another person is telling me something. I won’t mutter or speak fast when i’m talking to someone. I could work on some other things but I think i’m a good listener.

3.I took Saige, Hannah, Kamden and Delaynas quizzes and I got a 69% with is just like the one I got before. I am an ok listener and a communicator but I have some areas I can improve on.
I am a good listener for a 13 year old!





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