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When Crystal was here we talked about positive self talk. We watched a video about a little girl looking in the mirror and saying things that make her happy. After we played a game where it is like hot potato but there is like four little bouncy balls going around the circle and wen she says stop whoever has the ball she would say a scenario and you would have to say something positive you would say to yourself.

– What’s a time or situation when you felt proud of yourself?
I felt proud about myself when I was at a festival and I did my very first solo ever and I got high gold and adjudicators choice award.I was so happy that for my first solo I did so good and I was nervous but I didn’t have to be nervous.

– What is one thing you do very well?
I dance very well. I’ve been dancing since I was 5 years old and I’ve been dancing since then.

– What positive things do others say about you?
People tell me I’m like a firecracker out on stage and that I’m really good at dancing. I’ve also got told that my smile shines on stage.

– What is a role or responsibility in which you feel positive?
Dance is a big commitment in my life since I dance four days a week and I’m doing ten dances. I also have to be really positive or else I’ll give up on myself since I’m gonna be tired.

– What is a characteristic you like best about yourself?
My characteristic that I like about myself is being my size because if I was to tall I wouldn’t be able to do lots of tricks in dance that I can do now that I wouldn’t be able to do if I was taller. Although my legs are long they benefit in some ways.

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