The lunch bell had rung, and as Julie was walking down the hall to meet up with her friends for lunch, a classmate pulled her aside. He said that her friends had gone for lunch without her and told Julie that he overheard her so-called friends laughing about how they pretended to like her all these years. Confused she started walking into the cafeteria where everyone was sitting and sat down by a girl named Becca from her class. Becca noticed something was wrong with Julie, so they went for a walk and she told her everything that had happened. As they walked Becca said, “jerks are mean and they lie”. After they talked about the situation, Julie felt much better about what happened. Becca and her mom were going for lunch. She had kindly offered for Julie to go with her, but she had a dentist appointment in the afternoon.

This isn’t the way the story starts though. A couple years ago, it all began with a friendship that had started. It was a fairly close friendship from the start. There were many people that were in her class but she knew that maybe these people were the right friends. Julie’s friends were in her grade since kindergarten. They had talked a few times when they were little. They had allowed Julie to hangout with them since she didn’t have any real close friends during that time. Julie enjoyed hanging out with these people every day and soon found out they had quite a bit of things in common. As they continued to hangout every day, they started doing everything together. Julie and her friends had some amazing moments and memories.

There was that one time that Julie remembered when they had a sleepover. It was such a fun night. After school, they had gone over to her friend’s house on the bus. They went to the grocery store and bought cheesecake, chips, chocolate, and candy. They had split the cost because wow! It was quite the cost. Julie and her friends had gone back to the house and set up a little hut and made beds in it. They stayed up most of the night watching movies and eating junk food. The next morning they woke up and ate some delicious breakfast. Julie had gone home later that afternoon. That was a great memory that Julie had with them.

Julie also remembers the time when her one friend had faked being mad at them as a joke. She refused to talk to them all the afternoon and was pretending to give them the silent treatment. Julie was confused but had a suspicion that her other friend was in on the joke. She felt like she had done something wrong even though she remembered everything she had said and done and nothing should have made her mad. After school that day, Julie had a dance class so she and her mom were driving when they had seen Julie’s friends walking together. Puzzled, as she had thought the one friend was mad at both of them, Julie texted her friend and asked her if she was still mad at her. Her friend had read the message but decided not to respond. All weekend, Julie kept thinking about this situation and what she could have done to start it. Nothing she had said could have made her give them the cold shoulder. After a long weekend of thinking about it, Monday came and when she arrived at school she seen her two friends chatting and laughing together. After she unpacked her bag, Julie went over to ask why she had seemed like she was mad at them. They had laughed and said it was a joke the whole time. Julie felt a little better knowing she didn’t do anything but she felt like that was not a good decision a friend could have made.

Julie and her friends got closer every day they hung out. Soon they felt a layer of trust between them. One day, they had decided to share their passwords because they trusted each other more than 100%. She and her friends used to make study guides together all the time, well mostly Julie would always take time out of her day to make the study guides on the weekends. There was a social test the week that her friends had betrayed her. They had decided to use her password to log into her google account. In which then they went to her google docs and copy and pasted her whole study guide onto their own account. Julie had gotten an alert on her phone that a computer had been logged into her account in which the computer was located in Lloydminster. Julie then had to go and change all her passwords to every site she had because she used the same password for everything. Julie learned a lesson that even though you may have more than 100% trust in a friend, they may not prove that trust to you and this could happen.

Three weeks ago before the story even started, Julie’s friends were already planning on how to tell her that they didn’t want to be friends with her anymore. They were faking their friendship with her because they didn’t know how to tell Julie. Julie knew there was something wrong with how her friends were acting around her. She never thought that the reason they were acting like that was that they didn’t want to be her friends anymore. The morning this all happened, started out like an ordinary day for Julie, except that her friends were acting extremely strange around her. Gym class had ended and it was lunch time for the school, Julie had lunchroom that day and she had asked her friends if they could come wait with her in line after they grabbed their lunches. Their reply was “sure Julie”. Well, let’s just say they didn’t come back to wait in line with Julie. They ended up going to lunch with Julie’s friend’s brother and another girl from their class. She ended up walking down the hall thinking maybe they had just forgotten but instead they had left. Later in the afternoon, Julie’s friends had texted her and saying “ we are so sorry and we didn’t mean for it to happen this way”. Ever since then, Julie’s friends have not talked or even said a word about how they might have hurt Julie. That is when she had found out everything about her so-called friends. Jerks are mean and they definitely lie.


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