The qualities between a political leader vary’s for the reason being that all leaders have different aspects, views and opinions about how to lead a country. For one being honest and trustworthy is a huge quality. Experience is another key quality to have as a leader. Being an open-minded leader and having passion is two other really good qualities to have as a leader. Thoughtfulness is another important quality to have as a leader.

The first quality of a political leader is truly honesty and trustworthy.  Being an honest political leader helps build a bond of trust between themselves and the citizens. That builds a foundation of trust that could be beneficial in the future years of being a political leader. When the citizens of the country, province or even a town have trust in their leader it tends to build a better and stronger. That will benefit you as a leader and the individuals in the country. Another benefit of being trustworthy to the individuals is the fact that they may feel they could bring their concerns to the leader. They would still be able to feel that they could bring any of their concerns forward and not having to worry about others criticizing them for their opinions.

Experience is another key quality when being a political leader. When leading a nation you want to have knowledge about politics. I believe that someone with zero knowledge/experience about politics becomes the next leader for a country, the chances of each individual feeling like nothing good is happening for them could lead to a weaker nation. You need to have experience with running a country and experience with knowing how to be a good leader in the citizens eyes. If the citizens feel that nothing good is happening that will strengthen their country, it will truly reflect against the leader in power. Someone with experience and knowledge in the politics area will have a better chance with pleasing the nation and it’s people than someone with zero experience for the simple fact being that they will have more knowledge about how to create a stronger nation.

Being an open-minded leader helps you to fulfill the needs of your citizens. Listening to their concerns about upcoming events that may affect their life. Having an open-mind could even allow you to listen to their opinions and ideas that they may want to see happen or even change. Fulfilling the needs of your citizens makes the nation come together even more than the leader doing what he/she may want. It also shows that you are willing to make adjustments or implement ideas just to fit individuals lifestyles. I believe that this is a major key quality that political leaders should have because this is how a country becomes stronger and even comes closer.

A leaders passion for something shows how much being a leader for his/hers nation is important to them.The way a leader does or shows their commitment to what they do is pure passion. If a leader does not have passion, they are simply just doing it for the money and fame. That might be the case or they could have so much passion in what they do that they provide the country with anything that would be beneficial to each individual. Passion is what drives someone to be their best and that is an amazing quality to have. You truly know when a leader has passion because you will see it through their nation and everything they do. Someone’s passion can make a difference in what they do.

The last key quality is thoughtfulness. Every decision or action could either benefit or harm a country. Whenever a leader makes a decision he should have in his mind about how this might impact the nation and not just themselves. Any decision that is made should be answered with the question “how could this impact myself but also how could it impact the country”. You shouldn’t just make decisions because that’s what you think is best for yourself but how it might be affecting the country or each individual. Any leader should have this quality because being a political leader isn’t just about yourself it’s about others, it’s what you think can benefit you and the country that picked you to lead them because they were being thoughtful when they chose you.

Any political leader that has or are going to be leading our country should have some if not all of these qualities. They are major aspects of how our nation may come together or even how each individual may live.

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