Piggy’s quote – Life is scientific (page 90)

Within the book, Lord Of The Flies, numerous quotes have been mentioned based on events that have been happening throughout the novel. Piggy brings up a specific quote that really makes our brains work overtime. “Life is scientific” makes us believe that something is this world is truly a great piece of work.

“Life is scientific” was quoted by one of the main characters named Piggy. Life being related to as scientific has endless possibilities to its meaning. We could talk about how this island is like a laboratory and how all these children are the experiments. These children were placed on this island and its like they are doing experiments on how children can survive on an island without adults. Piggy stating this quote is showing how he is arguing that you can’t necessarily work with imaginary evidence. Doctors don’t work with imaginary evidence everyday, they work with real evidence. What Piggy is referring to is that the supposed called “beastie” that the little ones have talked about on the island is what numerous would call imaginary evidence.

Another way the quote could be interpreted as is how this island and this life the boys are living, or even life in general, is a discovery. We are like scientists, discovering the ways of life each and everyday. The world is like our laboratory, and we are doing the experiments and discovering new possibilities about how we live and survive. This world could be interpreted in countless ways but we always refer back to the most important one. We will always keep asking ourselves the same question over and over, but maybe we have to be our own scientists and discover the world ourselves. 

The meaning behind life being scientific as quoted by Piggy, is the fact that is trying to make sense of something unknown and putting reasoning behind it. Scientists every day discover something unknown by doing the exact same thing Piggy is trying to do. Piggy is trying to prove that there is no beast like creature on this island by putting the reason of fear behind it. The human being itself has their own power to take mind over matter over any beast or creature on the island. In science, everything is calculated and anything that is done or even created has happened for a specific reason no matter any circumstance. He is trying to prove that things in life aren’t just drawn upon luck but instead upon true facts. He tries to point out that things in a lab aren’t completely true unless they have solid evidence for reasoning. Piggy explains that unless they have solid evidence that this “beast-like creature is real, then it is most likely that the boys took the power of mind over matter, and created this beast that is now only causing fear.

Piggy might have brought up science and fear because in science, fear has a scientific explanation for everything that is behind the term “fear”. Life is so unpredictable and unexplainable that there is no such thing as fear except what fear could do to someone. Piggy is trying to convince them that everyone has become so obsessed with the “beastie” creature that they have become some type of animal. Goulding tries to bring forward the idea that science behind life should be done with a rational sense. If you continue to think unrational, then your whole world is then surrounded with fear, and that is when you start becoming like an animal. I love this quote because it truly relates to this topic of life being scientific. “The fear of facing your fears is harder to overcome than the fear itself” – anonymous. It shows that fear is harder to face because sometimes fear is what controls you. 

Fear is a great power that can mess with the brain. Don’t mess with fear because then that’s when chaos will begin. They need to trust the science behind life because everything happens for a reason.

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