Who is the hero in this story? Explain why you think so.

  • I believe that Claude is the hero in this story because like Michelle he has also suffered from leukemia. He knows what it feels like and he talks with Michelle and kind of brings a sense of happiness to her, making her feel like she will always have a friend like him who has gone through the same thing and won’t just stop talking to her because she has cancer. He was a friend to talk to and gave her some hope that everything will be just fine. A hero in my opinion is a person who show courage and brings hope into someone’s lives, no matter the state of that the person is in. Claude still managed to make Michelle happy even though he was ill. Claude helps bring Michelle this inner feeling of determination to fight and keep hoping.Image result for hero images

What is the turning point? In what way does Michelle change?

  • I feel like the turning point in Michelles life is when Michelle is talking with her secret admirer, Claude, she asks him a question that was continually on his mind. “Do you ever feel like sometimes you’d rather die than be poked by one more needle”. As soon as she asked that question it was like a turning point in her life as that question was what was holding her back from possibly opening up to those around her. Later on in the story, Rob shows up to the hospital and as they are talking, Michelle was finally able to open up to Rob in which allowed her to change from the person she thought she was back to the one she always was. This turning point was definitely a beneficial way that changed Michelle for the better.  She was finally able to let go of all these burdens of questions that were building up a wall inside of her. 

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What is the overall message and mood?

  • The mood in this short story has a feeling of somberness but a great passion of hopefulness. The overall message in this story is never give up and lose hope because there is always a spark in you that will light up, but only if you start it. Never stop fighting for something you want, because once you stop fighting everything that you’ve worked for to that point will be wasted. In this case, the story is about never losing hope, as Michelle is starting to lose hope. Even in the hardest times you need to rise up or you will just keep falling into the places where you never thought you’d be. Everyone has experienced some type of hardship in their life whether its losing a close person, cancer, having a bad day or even something traumatic that has happened in the past, but you can’t keep thinking about the past, you need to go into the present and make the most of it.

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Why is humor an important part of this story?

  • Humor in this story is important because it helps show that even if you are in your darkest moments, the things in life that make you laugh or even just smile, will always be there to lighten things up. Humor in this story helps to show Michelle’s way of seeing any good moment in her life when things are not in her best odds. It also helps people have a little bit of enjoyment when reading stories that may not be so happy and bright. Humor lets people see the light and hope in dark situations that might be either occurring in their everyday lives or just in the stories people read.

Why do you think Alison Lohans calls her story “The Michelle I Know”?

  • I think Alison Lohans calls her story “The Michelle I Know” because when the turning point in her life had happened, she changed back to the “old michelle”. When people experience things that happen to have an impact on them, it tends to change them for the better. MIchelle always focused and thought the worse, but when that one moment in her life became a big turn around for her, she changed. “The michelle I know” is showing that the Michelle from before was way different than the Michelle that everyone else knew before she was in this state.

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