First Large settlement in Yukon:

Dawson’s city was the first large settlement in the Yukon. It was founded by George Mercer Dawson who at the time was the founder of the Geological Survey Of Canada and was the leader of the expedition that had explored the region in 1887. For fifty-five years while the creation of the Yukon was occurring, Dawson’s city was the capital city of the Yukon.


In 1896, the Klondike Gold Rush changed a first nations camp into a thriving city of 40,000 by 1898. After the Gold Rush, the population of Dawson’s city had plummeted and all but 8,000 people had left, leaving once what was a capital city now a population of a town.


  1. Airport – Dawson’s city airport which was located 15 km east of the town. This airport was able to carry an aircraft with up to 30 people on board.
  2. Klondike highway – it was open year round from Whitehorse
  3. Winter Transportation – you could enter Dawson’s city by snowmobile or dog sled.
  4. Boats – there was no boats except for the Highway 9 ferry boat. Although it was usable except during the winter months, it was historically used by riverboats.
  5. Rail – there was no railway.

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