Important qualities of political leaders

The qualities between a political leader vary’s for the reason being that all leaders have different aspects, views and opinions about how to lead a country. For one being honest and trustworthy is a huge quality. Experience is another key quality to have as a leader. Being an open-minded leader and having passion is two other really good qualities to have as a leader. Thoughtfulness is another important quality to have as a leader.

The first quality of a political leader is truly honesty and trustworthy.  Being an honest political leader helps build a bond of trust between themselves and the citizens. That builds a foundation of trust that could be beneficial in the future years of being a political leader. When the citizens of the country, province or even a town have trust in their leader it tends to build a better and stronger. That will benefit you as a leader and the individuals in the country. Another benefit of being trustworthy to the individuals is the fact that they may feel they could bring their concerns to the leader. They would still be able to feel that they could bring any of their concerns forward and not having to worry about others criticizing them for their opinions.

Experience is another key quality when being a political leader. When leading a nation you want to have knowledge about politics. I believe that someone with zero knowledge/experience about politics becomes the next leader for a country, the chances of each individual feeling like nothing good is happening for them could lead to a weaker nation. You need to have experience with running a country and experience with knowing how to be a good leader in the citizens eyes. If the citizens feel that nothing good is happening that will strengthen their country, it will truly reflect against the leader in power. Someone with experience and knowledge in the politics area will have a better chance with pleasing the nation and it’s people than someone with zero experience for the simple fact being that they will have more knowledge about how to create a stronger nation.

Being an open-minded leader helps you to fulfill the needs of your citizens. Listening to their concerns about upcoming events that may affect their life. Having an open-mind could even allow you to listen to their opinions and ideas that they may want to see happen or even change. Fulfilling the needs of your citizens makes the nation come together even more than the leader doing what he/she may want. It also shows that you are willing to make adjustments or implement ideas just to fit individuals lifestyles. I believe that this is a major key quality that political leaders should have because this is how a country becomes stronger and even comes closer.

A leaders passion for something shows how much being a leader for his/hers nation is important to them.The way a leader does or shows their commitment to what they do is pure passion. If a leader does not have passion, they are simply just doing it for the money and fame. That might be the case or they could have so much passion in what they do that they provide the country with anything that would be beneficial to each individual. Passion is what drives someone to be their best and that is an amazing quality to have. You truly know when a leader has passion because you will see it through their nation and everything they do. Someone’s passion can make a difference in what they do.

The last key quality is thoughtfulness. Every decision or action could either benefit or harm a country. Whenever a leader makes a decision he should have in his mind about how this might impact the nation and not just themselves. Any decision that is made should be answered with the question “how could this impact myself but also how could it impact the country”. You shouldn’t just make decisions because that’s what you think is best for yourself but how it might be affecting the country or each individual. Any leader should have this quality because being a political leader isn’t just about yourself it’s about others, it’s what you think can benefit you and the country that picked you to lead them because they were being thoughtful when they chose you.

Any political leader that has or are going to be leading our country should have some if not all of these qualities. They are major aspects of how our nation may come together or even how each individual may live.

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Easter in Greece

Greece, a country with religious easter traditions is where St. Jerome’s grade eleven and twelve students went on for their school trip. These students went on this trip over the Easter break to experience different traditions in the Greek country. Participating in the discussion allowed me to expand my knowledge on Greek traditions. I found out that even though Greece is in a different country, they have some similar Easter traditions like us Canadians as well as numerous different traditions that we do not do during the Easter. It is so interesting to find out their own traditions and see how different we celebrate the holiday!

During Easter, there are lots of candle lighting in the church for someone they care about. The Greek church has a helicopter that comes from military air base in Jerusalem with the first candle that was lit on Easter. The flames then are put all over Greece and after a parade is done after the flame is lit, the stroke of midnight people are standing outside the church. The Tug boat guys hand out candles to everyone but the people don’t cheer when they go up the mountain, they announce christ is risen and light all the candles. All these candles that are handed out to everyone is homemade candles. The challenge is to take the candle back to your house and light one of your own candles. By doing this, it brings good luck to those who do. They will then have a good year.

The official state religion in Greece in the Greek Orthodox church. Similar to Catholic religion, during Easter week except in Greece, people all around town bring flowers to the church on Holy Thursday. They then use the flowers and decorate the bed that they lie Jesus on. Then on Friday, they carry Jesus through the streets in the brier, in which all of the flowers are covering. A brier is the coffin in which Jesus lies in. On the Thursday mass, Priests sing the mass. There are 21 readings that take place on Thursday. Everything that goes on inside the church, you can hear it on the outside with the speakers for the bigger churches. Everyone stands for the entire mass as in some churches there are no chairs. People walk around the church when mass is going on.

The food that Greece people eat are similar to what we eat during the Easter time but some foods may be different based on their culture and religion. In Greece orthodox church, you are not allowed to eat any kind of meat or any kind of fish, 7 days before receiving the Eucharist during Easter time.  On Easter Saturday, the meal will consist of seafood but not any fish. This could include any type of seafood. On Easter Sunday, the feast the all Greece people eat is lamb. On Sunday you would go to the market and buy lamb parts and pieces for the feast. It would be so busy at the markets since everyone is getting ready for the feast of lamb. Dessert was another popular item in Greece. Halva, is a like the filling inside a chocolate bar. It is sold in bigger cubes wrapped in plastic. The Easter donuts they also sell in Greece are like Greek bannack. They put the dough on a cylinder that rotates to create the donut with the circle hole in the middle.

At the stroke of midnight, every church in Greece let off fireworks at the same time. They all light up the sky with colourful bursts of light during the Easter time. Explosions on the street will just blow up when it hits midnight. Teengers would be waiting outside the church as it was going on through the evening waiting for midnight to hit. Numerous teens would light some fireworks before midnight hit. As children’s parents were at church, the kids would be outside the church and playing soccer.

I learnt so much about Easter in Greece. The traditions that they do to celebrate is very interesting to hear about!

As in the beginning

Us as humans are a whole. We adapt to changes such as the weather. It starts to get warm and all of a sudden it starts snowing. That is an adaptation in which makes us a whole. Interacting with one another in a community is another way we become whole. We use our skills that we have adapted as we have grown, and put them when we communicate with other whole’s in a society. As life goes on and on, we have our mind set on being perfect all the time. We want to strive to perfection, and as we do that, we are becoming more of a whole than what we were in the beginning.

The speaker describes the “man” so objectively in the first nine lines of the poem because the speaker is showing how for someone to lose such an important piece of his body is a great loss. He explained how he had two hands but when he began doing his job and one hand got caught up in the belt, he soon only had one functioning hand. All his fingers on the one hand were amputated and patched in which it enabled him to do his job. It also explains how his hands were insured however he could use them to make money from his job. Whatever job he was performing at the time, caused him to use his hands to gain the profit. Without his hands, it is physically impossible for the man to continue his job and his life if he cannot work to produce money.

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The tone of the poem changes after the first nine lines because the first nine lines talked about how the man had lost his hands enabling him to work and describing how life would be like if you lost an important piece of your body. It makes you understand how this man could have changed his life by this incident. After the nine lines it changes to the man’s son wanting his father’s hands whole, warm, open and without fear. He doesn’t want his father’s hands to be swollen and broken but instead young and uncalloused hands. He might fear that because of the incident, his father will never be able to be whole again.

In my opinion the speaker understates about how the man lost his hands. Instead of objectively explaining what had happened to his hands, I feel the speaker could have added some more emotion on how the father had felt about his hand and what it would feel like to lose that important part of you. Although I feel the speaker overstates the fact that the father had lost a hand and all the money he would not be able to produce anymore. Money is not everything in life. It is about having your loved ones by your side the whole time and being grateful for what you have. Some people in the world don’t have food or shelter and to care about not being able to produce that money anymore is the last thing they should worry about.

The most powerful in my opinion are these lines:

Give me my father’s hands when they are not broken

and swollen, give me my father’s hands, young again,

and holding the hands of my mother, give me my father’s

hands still brown and uncalloused, beautiful hands that

broke bread for us at table.

In my opinion these are the most powerful because the son wishes he had his dad’s young hands, in which they are not broken or calloused but hands in which they would hold the hands of his mother’s. The speaker is explaining how he will truly miss everything about his father’s hands.

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The significance of the title is that the title really explains it all. In the beginning, his father has both of his hands, but when a terrible work incident occurs, his father is left with one hand. The poem explains the problems in life that they are experiencing and how your hands are really truly and important piece of your body. The father now has to find another job in order for him to work and produce a profit. It would be extremely challenging for someone to lose something that they really need in life. The poem was very well written and has a powerful background to it.

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The New House

The souls within people is what makes up the person and how they believe in what happens when the time comes. In my opinion, people do exist beyond a physical presence. When you pass away, your soul stays in physical presence while the rest of you goes up to heaven. When you leave the earth physically, your soul stays with the people you love. When you lose a family member, it is a difficult time but I believe that they are still here with you even though they aren’t physically here. When it is our time for our passing, we can hope to see our loved ones up in Heaven and see them in a physical sense not just their soul.

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When the author says that words have smashed against these walls and and crashed up and down these halls, I feel like the author or the past people who have lived in this house have been hurt by some words. Maybe even hurtful words have been shared within the concentrate walls of the house. Another important issue is how maybe people or even the author were maybe abused in this house. There could have even been numerous deaths within the house that each new person who lived in the house were watched over by the numerous spirits. They could possibly be moving to a new house because of past memories in the old house or even leaving behind the past or what might have consisted of good or even bad memories.

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The significance of the title is that the author is wondering what will be left among her house when her time passes. She wonders what parts of her will be left in the house and what parts will come with her up to her “new house”, relating to Heaven. The title “new house” is the author trying to explain that when you pass away, your soul stays on the Earth and the rest of you go up to your new house in Heaven and be with all your other loved ones. All the years that she has grown up and the memories she has made in this house and what memories will be left behind when she goes up to her “new house”.

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Gaining Yardage

Arlo and the speaker didn’t classify themselves as friends in the beginning of the poem but more as just farm neighbours who hung around together.  As the poem continued, The two guys play football together, and one night when they were playing, Arlo and the speaker worked together as a team to get the ball to the touchdown line. As the game is over, the speaker realizes that they maybe are friends.

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Someone that makes a good friend would be someone who always tells the truth. If you don’t have trust in your friend then are you really friends? If you don’t want them to go somewhere with you, tell them because if you don’t they will find out and soon have no trust within you. Another thing that makes a good friend is being respectful. Not calling each other names like “stupid” or any other rude names. Having a friend should make you happy but if they are treating you with disrespect, then how can you have any respect for them? These are all key things in order to make a good friend. If you have no trust and respect for them, it makes you not friends and probably just acquaintances.

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In the poem, there was parts when friendship was shown between the two boys. When they were playing in the football game, Arlo and the speaker worked as a great team like true friends. When the ball reached the touchdown line, the point was given to Arlo. The speaker knew it should have been given to him but he didn’t really care because he was so happy for Arlo. Real friends don’t get mad if they aren’t given something that their friend was. They shouldn’t get jealous over something that they never received. That is just what a friendship is about.

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The last two lines of the poem was odd because it stated unless my old man or his decides to move to another part of the country.” This is weird last two lines because it doesn’t fully explain what it is stating. In my opinion, it means that Arlo and the speaker will be friends until Arlo’s dad decides to move somewhere else or if the speaker’s dad decides to move somewhere else. In other opinions or thoughts from these lines could be that maybe one of them is moving but not until their fathers decide. It is a very confusing and odd way to end a poem or especially without any explanation of what it is meaning.

There were a couple jargons used in the poem that I didn’t really understand.

  1. Bobbles the ball across the goal line. (definition: to handle something (ball) in a clumsy or awkward way) There were multiple definitions but the one listed above is the most accurate definition that suits the poem.
  1. Never to mess around with Laterals. (definition: a pass thrown to the side or backwards)  There were multiple definitions but the one listed above is the most accurate definition that suits the poem.

In my opinion, all the pronouns the speaker used were fairly clear, unless I missed one that I couldn’t find. I felt like the poem was well written and a very interesting one to read.

Does thinking about a “multiverse” get you wondering about heaven? I wondered.

The main question is “are there multiple heavens? Numerous will state that there is one and only one Heaven but others will disagree. A few people will only go by things they may hear from the Bible while others will go by what others may say. This question could go real deep into an argument because others religions will interfere with what they believe and what others believe. Roman Catholics would believe that there is only one heaven which consists of God himself. As said in the Ten Commandments, “thou shalt have no other Gods before me”. This would lead them to believe there is only one Heaven. Another argument would be that the Bible said that there is a “third Heaven”. This would create arguments for people who believe there is only one Heaven.

When the bible talks about a “third Heaven”, in my own perspective the Bible is right. I do believe that there is only one God and he is who I believe in but I also believe that there is “multiple Heavens”. To support evidence to this theory or idea, we can believe that the scripture provides some evidence. The first Heaven is the atmosphere, where we live, breathe and serve the Lord our God, Psalm. 104:12.  The second Heaven is the solar system, which consists of the sun, moon, stars and planets, Genesis 1:14-18. Lastly the third Heaven is the abode of God often referred to in the Scriptures as the heaven of heavens. It also is where an innumerable host of angels worship and serve the Lord our God, Nehemiah 9:6. When we come face to face with death one day, we shall look forward with expectation to be absent from the body “and to be present with the Lord” , who dwells in the heaven of heavens, 2 Corinthians 5:6-9.

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If my grandma were here, and able to experience the delight of a warm caramel-coffee muffin, she would say she is in “seventh heaven.” In my opinion, the “seventh heaven” refers to a state of being in joyment. So if my grandma was here, and she tried a caramel-coffee muffin she would be in joy or happiness especially if it was her first time eating that muffin. In this example of the caramel-coffee muffin, my grandma would be in “heaven when she tasted the muffin because that is not normally what she might taste. Another example of being in the “seventh heaven” is when I have dance festivals, I perform my solo on stage and I receive a high award/mark, I am in the “seventh heaven. That is a personal example of when I particularly happy because it takes so much courage to get on stage and perform in front of tonnes of people.

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There are numerous things in life that are uncertain. The uncertainty principle teaches us that in life we cannot know or even measure things exactly. An example of this is that it is physically impossible to measure or know the exact location of an electron. If we accurately measure on electron more, the less we accurately measure the other electron. Although even if we could accurately measure the electrons and everything in the present, we could not describe or even prove anything in the future. It relates to faith because we as humans have the power to believe that God is real, except we cannot scientifically prove that anything specific about him. We have the power to choose if we believe but it is impossible for us to predict anything about him because he is always before us. As a result he will be in the future but we cannot prove anything from the future specifically.

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The first hominid may have had the “first thought” but to be true and exact, God was the very first person to exist, have a thought and he was here way before us. He was the one who created the Earth and everything that exists within the Earth’s atmosphere. If you have even read the bible, it states that God created the Earth. It says it took him only 6 days and on the 7th day, it was his rest day. God is always in the present but he is also in the future. He exists outside of time because unlike humans and animals he always exists. When we pass, we might be lucky enough to return and have another life. God still exists outside of time but we as humans and animals bound by time. We can not be present and in the future like God.

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If we were to measure and see if God existed, that would cause us to step away from being truly one with God. We have to believe and have faith in God because there is so much limited where we don’t have enough evidence to support that he exists. The best thing as humans, is to observe the universe and all that is within and as you observe the universe you may find God. After we observe the universe, we can come to a conclusion of who the God that created the Earth and who sustained it. In my opinion, God is the universe. He is the creator of it all and he is the reason why numerous of us are here right now at this minute.

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The only scientific reason for the proof that God exists is that the universe does not contain its own beginning or an end. It came from something outside itself and will end outside something itself. This means since God existed outside of time, the universe came outside of time only leaving one person who could have created it. God himself. God is the alpha and the omega of all , the beginning and the end, the one from whom all things come and to whom all things go. He is the creator and he is the one and only our God.

Cave Man Principle

Michio Kaku, is an american futurist and a theoretical physicist. He has written numerous books about physics and related topics about the future including physics of the future and the future of the mind. He talked about the caveman principle is the topic numerous discuss. This popular topic that compares and contrasts the the past and future. That is what makes it so astounding topic to discuss.

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Michio Kaku’s idea is that “if you want to predict the social interactions of humans in the future, simply imagine our social interactions 100,000 years ago and multiply by a billion?” Our interactions in the past are way different from what it might be in the future. Back in the olden days, the way others interacted with each other has changed in numerous ways that humans can’t even explain why it has changed. In the present time, we always we rely on electronics. Our ways of interacting have become less of what the past times would describe it as. We can’t even bare to imagine what interactions would be in the future.

Social interactions in the past, if I had to guess would have looked like face to face conversations. There were no electronics back then unless you wanted to call someone using the built in phone to the wall or the big box phone. Men would be facing one another and having a real man conversation about topics such as maybe politics or even things that on a day to day basis. Some men might be yelling about not having enough hunting rights, land or even just certain things that they argued about. Interacting with one another is one way but there are multiple different ways of interacting. When children were taught education, the teachers would have interactions with students. You also interacted with your parents about education, and even ways of living life.

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Social interactions going into the future, in my opinion will probably be mostly on electronics and through mobile apps. We as humans rely on our phones and gadgets too much. If we go to town, we always have our gadgets on us even if we go somewhere for not even two minutes. Imagine if someone from the past and someone from the future interacting would be amazing to see. The interactions within people from long ago have changed tremendously as new ways of living have been created and altered. In a perfect world, everyone would be able to communicate with one another in face to face conversations in the future. Although we all know that with all the brand new technology being released, that will not happen.

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It is amazing to go back 100,000 years ago and see how much interactions have changed from the present. The most extremely hard thing to imagine is how interactions are going to be 100,000 years in the future!

First Thought

Carrots do not have to ability to think things that the first hominid would have had. If carrots had that ability, then this story would be true because a carrot is about to have his first thought!

Craig, an big, fat, orange carrot who lived underground had his very first thought that only a hominid could have. He was casually collecting his food, in which his diet consisted mainly of sunlight. The sunlight was extremely hot that day, he was collecting so much food that he felt like his stomach was going to burst like a popped balloon. He was extremely weird that day and all of a sudden, he began having weird thoughts. His brain started swelling with thoughts about 20,000 different possible questions and scenarios. Craig thought his brain was going to explode from all the thoughts running through his super tiny 0.001mm brain.

The very first thought that came through his mind was imagine if I was absorbing my food from my roots. Maybe the tiny little tubes that had held him in the ground for support were actually what feed him for all these years. This was blowing his mind. What if it was possible and that the little sprouts of hair on top was just there for decoration? His mind was flowing with creative juices and all he could think about was this specific question. Although in order to prove that theory, he would need to experiment and think a little harder.

He began his experiment to prove this theory so he could spread the amazing news with all his other carrot friends. He could become famous for this experimental probability and maybe make it in the carrot hall of fame! The first experiment he thought to conduct was to see if the sun was reaching the dirt. He kept looking at the dirt and examining it to see what rays of sunlight were striking the ground. Throughout his experiment he realized that maybe it isn’t just about the sunlight hitting the ground but instead maybe the dirt is reflecting it.

His next experiment began with him putting a shiny metal object that he found in the dirt. He placed it in front of himself and glancing at it, he became aware that it made the metal very shiny. That wasn’t just what the sun was doing. He continued placing the metal in numerous different places and seeing what results what allow the sun to give nutrients and food to his roots. Craig wasn’t at all too convinced with the results of this experiment so he began brainstorming ideas to prove to his friends that they can really absorb food from their roots.

All of a sudden, the sky turned black and ideas began falling from the sky. Ideas that might allow Craig to finally be successful in his experiment so he could become famous in the carrot world. Craig the carrot was not going to give up yet. He was on a mission to figure out this weird first thought but he was starting to lose hope. When something hit him on the head, and by hit him on the head something really physically bumped him. Startled, he looked up and right out of nowhere, a figure appeared out of blank space. It was the first hominid to ever have a first thought, “Hello there, I am here to help you figure out your theory.” Craig was amazed by how someone was here to help him so he could become famous. The first hominid although was very blunt with Craig. He gave evidence of why carrots could not receive sunlight from their roots.

The first piece of evidence was how there is dirt on the ground. He explained to Craig that there is dirt covering your roots. Now if the dirt were transparent, then there might be a way for the sun to pass through the black dirt but at this point in time, all dirt is black making it opaque. “This is the first reason Craig to why you physically can’t receive sunlight through your little tubes underground.” The first hominid was very nice but got his point across to Craig.

The second piece of evidence was how now if the dirt was transparent and allowed your roots sunlight to absorb the food that way, how would each root absorb sunlight. Craig was shocked by this, and began to now understand that it might be physically impossible. He explained to Craig in a bit more detail about how each root has different lengths. Allowing them to be at numerous different spots in the ground. So if sunlight were to bring food to the roots, then not every root would be getting food. This made sense to Craig and he now believed that his theory was not 100% correct and mainly impossible. Although Craig could still be famous for confirming that it is impossible for carrots to gather food with their roots.

After all this evidence, Craig said thanks to the first hominid and Craig began on with his day. He was still excited to tell everyone his theory and how the first hominid spoke to him and supplied evidence for his theory. Craig was not disappointed with being wrong but at least he learnt something new today. Craig thought to himself, “maybe I shouldn’t have done that and assumed I was right!”

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What Does It Mean To Be Human

As a class we took time to discuss the question “what it means to be a human.” We talked about the difference between objective and subjective qualities. There are objective qualities of rocks. For example, qualities that a rock holds. Carrots are another object that holds objective qualities. Bunnies have numerous objective qualities within them.

There are objective qualities and subjective qualities. Some objective qualities are qualities of a thing. They are always true at all times, places, and universe. Objective qualities can be truths and facts about an object.  They are never taken away and in other terms they are immutable and indestructible. Within objective qualities, the facts do not change over time or even ever. Subjective qualities are opinions about an object. These opinions can vary between good opinions and bad opinions.

Rocks, or a mineral have objective qualities. A quality would be that rocks have weight and mass. They always have weight and mass at all times, places and universe. Every piece of rock and matter always has a charge. Even the smallest piece of rock consists of a charge. Rocks are inert, meaning they are nonliving. Even though rocks are on earth and serve numerous purposes, they are not living objects. They do not walk, talk or breathe. They are not like humans or carrots, instead they are a boulder that is not living or breathing.

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Carrots have objective qualities just like rocks. Carrots have weight and mass also at all times, places and even the universe. Every carrot in the world has a charge and they have life. Carrots are different from rocks. Carrots have life in which it means they are living, meanwhile rocks are inert meaning they are nonliving. Carrots grow each day they are living but they don’t just grow, they also take in food. When there is sunlight, the carrots take in the sun from their  leaves/sprouts on the top. This allows them to make food for themselves by taking in the sun. They also reproduce and create more carrots at all times, places and universe. Carrots are passive, that means they are not active. An antonym for carrots is the word active. They sit in the dirt collecting sunlight and not moving around but instead just being passive.

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Bunnies alike rocks and carrots as well share and have objective qualities. They have weight and mass just like the other objects and as well they have charges. Bunnies have life so they are living, because they are breathing and hopping/walking. Just like carrots, bunnies grow at all times, places and universe but they also reproduce. If they didn’t reproduce then they wouldn’t continue their population of bunnies. Similar to carrots, bunnies are active, they love hopping around and moving places. They are not passive like rocks. Bunnies are slaves to fate, this meaning that bunnies can’t change who they are. They are bunnies and therefore cannot change into a alligator or a human. Bunnies have their own way of communicating within one another. They also have different ways of sensing danger than humans. One way of sensing danger for bunnies is through communication. An experiment was done on monkeys with their sensing of danger. They put a pail of bananas at the top of a ladder and if one monkey went to the top of the ladder or even stepped one foot on the ladder they would get sprayed with cold water. They started sensing danger so every new monkey they added knew it was dangerous to climb the ladder. Bunnies also feel pain but they can also feel affection. Bunnies have their own self-defense and ways of how to show the self-defense.

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Finally, humans also have objective qualities within them. Alike rocks, carrots, and bunnies, humans have weight and mass, they have life, grow, take food and they reproduce. Humans are also very active just like bunnies. Humans have adaptations. They adapt to certain environments, ways of living and how they adapt to new things. Humans have souls, meaning that our souls were created during conception. We also have thought. We can think and this is what separates us from all animals. Any humans can refuse their nature and any animal can be a slave to fate. For example, we can choose our gender or act like an animal but that doesn’t change who we are. Humans can show their affection through numerous emotions, including love. We also have a conscience. A conscience is an inner voice telling you which is a right choice and a wrong choice. A few synonyms for conscience are self, soul and I. All humans have a cerebral cortex. A cerebral cortex is the outer layer of the brain that protects your brain.

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