The true test of character: keep awake!

The bible verse, The pillar of characters, Quotable quote by John Wooden.  

Reflect questions:

1. What does it mean to behave as if “no one is watching”?

  • What it means that if no one is watching then you shouldn’t act disrespectful, but you behave as if no one would notice you but as if someone was watching you. They would then look at you as a respectful person.

2. What does it mean to behave as if Jesus is coming “at an unexpected hour”?

  • What it means to behave as if Jesus was going to come “at an unexpected hour” to prepare for his coming like he wants us t. Not behave like your having your having so much fun without him, even in your life because it is so much better with him.

Crystal was here (Decemeber 16)

When crystal was here she said that Justin Bieber was one of her role models. He has a charity called pencils of promise, this charity is a non-profit organization that builds schools and helps better education in schools. After she showed us a video about Mama Hill, she is one of her role models because she has a house which she provides for children who don’t have food to eat, computers to do homework and play, and also just a place to stay and relax. She is a big inspiration for kids and Crystal. My role models are my family because their always there for me, They put a roof over my head, give me food and water and they love me. She also gave us a worksheet about our role models and we had to fill it out. She presented what role models are and what they mean to her, so what I took away was being appreciative for mine.


Interests (my blueprint quiz)

I took the interests quiz on and I learnt that I am a translator (AS). So in proper terms I am a 71% artistic occupation which means I require self-expression, creativity and usually feature work that can be done without following a clear set of rules. These occupations usually require an environment where flexibility, variety and change are expected. The other one is social. I got a 67% social occupation which revolves around people. These occupations usually involve assisting, teaching, healing or serving others. The focus of Social occupations can range from very practical to highly academic outcomes. What captures my interests is becoming a doctor/vet. I rather do something that I enjoy and getting paid less and being successful the doing something I hate and making lots of money and being  bad at my job and hating it.

Personality (myblueprint quiz)

I took the personality quiz on and I learnt that I am INFP (The Healer). Since I am a INFP in proper terms it means I am creative, artistic, idealistic and spiritual. It means I believe everybody is uniquely individual, I;m always optimistic, I focus my energy on remaining positive and follow their hearts when making a decision. My personality matches William Shakespeare, Fred Rogers, and Helen Keller. I agree on my personality because I am creative, artistic etc. I also focus my energy on positive things and I believe that everyone is unique and you shouldn’t try to match someone else.

Learning Styles (my blueprint quiz)

I took the learning styles quiz on and I learnt that I a learn by touching, doing, hearing, and listening. So in proper terms I am 37% Kinesthetic learner which means I prefer to learn by touching and doing. I got 36% auditory learner too. I learn by hearing and listening too. I got 28% visual learner too. I like to learn by looking and seeing. My main learning Auditory-Kinesthetic Learner. I agree with it and it is true. I remember things by writing study notes and reading out the questions and answers in my head. I’m sorta good at remembering names but at the same time if there are two names that are close like Riely and Kylie or like Hannah and Anna sometimes I would forget.

Crystal Was Here

Video Link:

When Crystal was here we talked about positive self talk. We watched a video about a little girl looking in the mirror and saying things that make her happy. After we played a game where it is like hot potato but there is like four little bouncy balls going around the circle and wen she says stop whoever has the ball she would say a scenario and you would have to say something positive you would say to yourself.

– What’s a time or situation when you felt proud of yourself?
I felt proud about myself when I was at a festival and I did my very first solo ever and I got high gold and adjudicators choice award.I was so happy that for my first solo I did so good and I was nervous but I didn’t have to be nervous.

– What is one thing you do very well?
I dance very well. I’ve been dancing since I was 5 years old and I’ve been dancing since then.

– What positive things do others say about you?
People tell me I’m like a firecracker out on stage and that I’m really good at dancing. I’ve also got told that my smile shines on stage.

– What is a role or responsibility in which you feel positive?
Dance is a big commitment in my life since I dance four days a week and I’m doing ten dances. I also have to be really positive or else I’ll give up on myself since I’m gonna be tired.

– What is a characteristic you like best about yourself?
My characteristic that I like about myself is being my size because if I was to tall I wouldn’t be able to do lots of tricks in dance that I can do now that I wouldn’t be able to do if I was taller. Although my legs are long they benefit in some ways.

My Blueprint

I successfully logged in and on the left navigation menu of the dashboard is
-who am I
-high school
-guides and articles

Polldaddy survey




Step 1: Add up the numbers you have circled in the 20 questions.

My score: __________

Step 2: Review the bread down section and analyze your communication patterns.


90-100 you have a great grasp of communication with a thorough understand of how and when to use problem-solving skills in diverse conflict situation.

71 – 89  you are a strong Communicator who understands concepts of interpersonal dynamics there are still a few areas of communication you can grow in.

51-70 you have a basic Understanding of communication principles. However, there is room for improvement in several areas of your communication approach which will help you in different conflicts.

20-50 Your communication effectiveness is not what it could be. You have multiple areas of growth which needed  to be worked on in order for you to communicate clearly with others on a regular basis.

2. What are my strengths as a listener:
My strengths as a listener are in a conversation I like to clarify the other person’s meaning if i am not understanding clearly. I can receive correction or negative feedback without getting defensive. I never argue in my mind with the other person when he/she is saying something I don’t agree with. When a conflict arises I don’t assume I am right and the other person is wrong.

What I want to fix about being a listener:
Not getting distracted when another person is telling me something. I won’t mutter or speak fast when i’m talking to someone. I could work on some other things but I think i’m a good listener.

3.I took Saige, Hannah, Kamden and Delaynas quizzes and I got a 69% with is just like the one I got before. I am an ok listener and a communicator but I have some areas I can improve on.
I am a good listener for a 13 year old!





A Door Stood Open

In the scripture reading it talked about the throne of Heaven and when John entered there stood a throne with a man saying “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” There in Heaven stood God seated on the throne. Around the throne were twenty-four thrones which was twice the number of Jesus’s disciples. Jacob also had twelve sons which made the twelve ancient tribes. The names of the tribes are Reuben, Simeon, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Benjamin, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Ephraim, Manasseh. Twelve is considered a perfect number.In the reading there were four living creatures on each side of the throne.In the gospel the lion means Matthew, the ox is Mark, the human is Luke and the Eagle is John. It talks about the seven gifts of the holy spirit and the seven gifts are Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge, Fortitude, Piety, and fear of the lord but the greatest gift of them all is love. The number seven also represents the number of days in a week. It is also a good number and there are only seven music notes.White symbolizes purity, holiness, and virtue, as well as respect and reverence.It is used especially in the seasons of Christmas and Easter, as well as for baptism, marriage, dedications. It is also used for funerals as a symbol of the resurrection.

Strong Enough


Avery and I explained that love makes you stronger. Loving others will strengthen your heart and remembering that God loves you will make you  believe more. The song by Matthew West, called strong enough tells us that we should love one another and be friends with everyone. Love everyone and value it. Love is the greatest gift of all.


Robert explains that the gift of wisdom makes us strong enough because knowing what the right choice is and when to make it is a crucial part of life. He said to be able to make the right choice makes us strong enough.


Kamryn explained that Understanding is to understand others needs.  Always listening to how others feel and comprehend what others are saying.  Be sympathetically aware of others, be tolerant, and forgiving. Be strong to understand the needs of others and help them.


Delayna said that making the right decisions and choices.  Counsel is who gives advice in a formal way.  Counsel makes us feel strong enough because we can make the right decisions and be proud about that.  Being strong enough to make the right decisions allows us to go to Heaven and sin less.


I explained that the song strong enough by Matthew West tells us that with knowledge we will know things and understand stuff in life. The gift of knowledge makes us strong enough because knowing stuff and having experience in life will make you strong enough to accomplish anything. Having knowledge for the future can make you stronger by simply knowing the right thing to do. Your knowledge can also help others. Knowing and understanding the bible can help you teach and spread the word about.


Shelby explained that in the song, Fortitude means that you are strong.  Matthew West, who wrote the song had a lot of courage which means he had a lot of Fortitude after he started believing in God. Being strong enough means you will have a lot of Fortitude to God.


Jessie said Piety is the quality of being religious or reverent. The song Strong Enough by Matthew West represents piety because when you believe in God you can always be strong enough. All you have to do is believe in God and stay strong because your a beautiful human being. Piety can get you through anything and make you stronger. Piety can grow our society into a great place with religious beliefs and love. Love is the greatest gift of all of them. Be loving and caring to everyone and believe in God because he will always be there for you when you needed and when no one else is.

Fear of the Lord

Daygan explained that Fear in the Lord is a gift that all of us are granted to have.  Fear in the Lord is how we act when we are doing something wrong, which makes us feel unsure of if we should be doing what we are doing.  Having fear in the Lord is necessary to make the right choices in life.  The reason that everyone will go to heaven is because they have fear in the Lord.  Without it, the world would be a bad place because nobody would worry about how God thinks of them.  The lyrics in Matthew Wests’ song tell how fear in the Lord affects our life.  Love is the greatest gift of all.



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