Strong Enough


Avery and I explained that love makes you stronger. Loving others will strengthen your heart and remembering that God loves you will make you  believe more. The song by Matthew West, called strong enough tells us that we should love one another and be friends with everyone. Love everyone and value it. Love is the greatest gift of all.


Robert explains that the gift of wisdom makes us strong enough because knowing what the right choice is and when to make it is a crucial part of life. He said to be able to make the right choice makes us strong enough.


Kamryn explained that Understanding is to understand others needs.  Always listening to how others feel and comprehend what others are saying.  Be sympathetically aware of others, be tolerant, and forgiving. Be strong to understand the needs of others and help them.


Delayna said that making the right decisions and choices.  Counsel is who gives advice in a formal way.  Counsel makes us feel strong enough because we can make the right decisions and be proud about that.  Being strong enough to make the right decisions allows us to go to Heaven and sin less.


I explained that the song strong enough by Matthew West tells us that with knowledge we will know things and understand stuff in life. The gift of knowledge makes us strong enough because knowing stuff and having experience in life will make you strong enough to accomplish anything. Having knowledge for the future can make you stronger by simply knowing the right thing to do. Your knowledge can also help others. Knowing and understanding the bible can help you teach and spread the word about.


Shelby explained that in the song, Fortitude means that you are strong.  Matthew West, who wrote the song had a lot of courage which means he had a lot of Fortitude after he started believing in God. Being strong enough means you will have a lot of Fortitude to God.


Jessie said Piety is the quality of being religious or reverent. The song Strong Enough by Matthew West represents piety because when you believe in God you can always be strong enough. All you have to do is believe in God and stay strong because your a beautiful human being. Piety can get you through anything and make you stronger. Piety can grow our society into a great place with religious beliefs and love. Love is the greatest gift of all of them. Be loving and caring to everyone and believe in God because he will always be there for you when you needed and when no one else is.

Fear of the Lord

Daygan explained that Fear in the Lord is a gift that all of us are granted to have.  Fear in the Lord is how we act when we are doing something wrong, which makes us feel unsure of if we should be doing what we are doing.  Having fear in the Lord is necessary to make the right choices in life.  The reason that everyone will go to heaven is because they have fear in the Lord.  Without it, the world would be a bad place because nobody would worry about how God thinks of them.  The lyrics in Matthew Wests’ song tell how fear in the Lord affects our life.  Love is the greatest gift of all.



Am I strong enough? Knowledge

Gift of the holy spirit
Gift of the holy spirit (Knowledge)

Luke 10:25-28 -You can recognize a person with the gift of knowledge by seeing that they know right from wrong and good from bad. Knowing the answers in life may help with decisions.

Matthew 22: 23-33 -You can recognize a person with the gift of knowledge by knowing the power of god and respecting it may help us fulfill our purpose in life. Keeping in mind that God is not dead but living can help us stay true to him.

Genesis 41: 15-36 – You can recognize a person with the gift of knowledge by knowing the true meaning behind things that are literal. Preparing for things that you know are coming can be useful.

The gift of the holy spirit is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13 – You can recognize a person with the gift of love by knowing that if they know the three words it will help them love one another.

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Superhero Dare

“I dare you to wear a superhero costume for the rest of your life, which one would it be?“ said my friend as we were playing truth or dare. I replied that I would love to be supergirl because I could go and save people who are in trouble and need help. The next day I was in the supergirl costume and was off to school to find people that needed my help.

It was recess and everyone was playing outside when I heard screaming coming from the monkey bars. I raced over to find a little girl on the monkey bars stuck in the middle and couldn’t get down. I asked the girl if she needed help. She nodded her head and said “Yes”. I tried to reach her and all of a sudden the bell rang to go in from first recess. I refused to go inside because there was a little girl who needed help and I wasn’t letting her down. Everyone was lining up and I was still standing with the girl. Reaching as far as I could, I finally grabbed her waist and told her to let go and trust me. When she was finally down on the ground a teacher was walking our way and asked, “Is everything ok?”. We nodded and ran inside for class.

The bell rang for lunch recess and all the students ran outside to play on the playground. There was someone trying to find help to get her friend down from the swings. I ran as quickly as I could to go help and found that it was the same girl. She yelled from the swings “Is that you supergirl, that helped me earlier?”. I replied with a nod and got straight to helping her get down from there. As I was getting ready to stop the swing from moving her hair got caught in the chain. The bell rang again like it did in the morning but I didn’t move. I finally got the swing stopped but now it was time to get her hair untangled from the chain. It was quite a struggle but when I finally got it out we ran as quick as our feet could get us to the doors without the teacher asking us if everything was alright. We made it and I saved the girl.

It was the last recess and the last time to save one more person for the day. My friends and I were walking around and we heard a loud ear piercing sound coming from the shaky bridge on the big playground. As I was trying to get through the obstacle of kids I finally found the kid that was screaming and realized that it was the same kid from the last two recesses. She thought to herself, “Wow, this girl has gotten into a lot of danger today!”. I started walking on the shaky bridge where she was standing but there were so many kids on it that it might take a bit to get to her. Trying to manage getting to the middle, I finally was able to almost grab her to help. Moving a bit closer I finally was in reach of this little girl to help get her off. Taking her by the hand we got off the bridge just in time to find that the bell rang once we got off! We made it in for class on time.

After school as I was walking with my friends to catch the bus I said, “Wow! I saved a girl lots today, I wonder what tomorrow will bring?”. Waiting in the bus line I thought to myself that being a superhero forever wouldn’t be that bad! Tomorrow is another day for helping people at school. Laughing with my friends we entered the bus to go home and start fresh tomorrow!

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