Fr Joy’s first visit

Today was the first time I had ever met or saw Father Joy. Today father joy talked about his background and where he is from. Father Joy is from Inda that is where he was born and went to school.  Inda is 3.287 million km² which means that Canada is 3 times the size in landmass. India has a population of 1.3 billion people and Canada has a population of 37 million and India is 3 times smaller than Canada. Father Joy also talked about his schooling after high school and how that he knew how he wanted to be a pastor ever since grade 10 but his parents wouldn’t let him be one until he graduated. Father told the class that he lives in the state of Kerala which is smaller than Nova Scotia and has about the same or more people as in Canada. Fathe Joy was the pastor and a church in Edmonton before he came to Vermilion to be the pastor at the Holy Name of Jesus parish.

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