The Car of My Dreams

They are all different shapes of cars and sizes of engines in cars across the world so some people might have trouble picking their dream car. It’s not just those things people have to decide on but there are different colors and many different things that you can add to your dream car. If I was to have a dream car I would make it special to me and make it fancy. Some things that don’t come in the car at the dealership or something that people don’t put in their cars is what I would look at doing.

If I was able to have the car of my dreams I would first go to the Webbs Ford dealership in Vermilion. The reason I would go there is that they have good service and my dad says that Fords are the only thing that is allowed in his yard. There are many different cars but I would have to get a truck and make it look like a compensation machine. Once I found the general type of truck I want there are a lot of options from there.

The first thing I would pick out is the exterior of the truck. The color of the truck that I want is called Blue Jean and it is like a navy blue color. Once I picked the color then I would pick what package I wanted. The package that I would pick would be the king Ranch which is the 3rd nicest package that you can get for Fords. The reason that I would pick the King Ranch package is that it comes with a brown trim that runs along the bottom of the body. Also with the King Ranch, the interior is brown leather seats which I think looks the best.

For me to have a dream truck I would have to put on add ons to make it look sexy. The truck would just come with stock tires and rims so I would have to put on aftermarket rims and tires. The rims I would get are Fuel Lethals which are many black rims with chrome edging on the spokes. Since just aftermarket rims with stock tires don’t look good I would put 35-inch tires on. The second last thing that I would do is put a leveling kit on the truck just to make it look a little big and then I would be able to help girls get into my truck. Since it’s my dream truck I would put carpet flooring and a tv in it. I don’t know if I would put carpet in any other truck or car.

If I was able to have the truck of my dreams I would be a little overwhelmed on what kind of truck I would buy. Since I got to write an essay on the truck of my dreams I would have a 2020 ford diesel. Once I bought the truck I would put on many add ons such as rims, big tires, carpet flooring, and a tv. The truck would be blue in color and leather seats. The reason why I would pick this truck is that I like Ford the best.

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