Favorite Hobbies

Every living human has hobbies and everyone has different hobbies. Your hobby might depend on where you live because of different climates. The hobbies that I enjoy mainly take place outside because I like fresh air and nature.

My favourite thing to do is being on the farm. Some people might not call this a hobby but I do because it is something that I enjoy. I like being on the farm because there are some many different things to do. The fact that you are outside getting fresh air most of the time feels great. Whether you are out in the middle of nowhere or you’re in the yard I enjoy every moment of life. The best part of being on the farm is that at the end of the day you go inside to a homemade meal and after that you fall right to sleep.

My favourite sport is hockey, it’s something that I enjoy playing year around. As soon as school starts i get extremely hyped, not because of school but because hockey season is just around the corner. This year with covid I haven’t heard if hockey is going to happen or not but as long as i get to put on a pair of skates I’ll be happy. 

This summer I found myself a new hobby. This summer I was in a ranch rodeo with Mr. Wheat. I really loved the rush of being in the rodeo. Now that the rodeo has passed I go over to Mr. Wheats and we pen cattle and do different events. The best thing about me loving this new hobby is that my horse that I bought last year is bread for cutting cattle. When I get in the pen to cut cattle I sit on my horse and she does the work for me.

I like being outside most of the time but you will find that some hobbies that I like that take place indoors. The one hobby that I like to do that involves being indoors is ice hockey. The where I enjoy being most is outside. 

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