First I emailed the picture of my papa to myself. Then I added the picture to my desktop so that i could import the picture to Inkscape.

Once I got the picture where i wanted it I uesed the text tool to add text that says “what I do to relieve stress eat steak and drink white rum.”

Then I went to mr saders desk and he helped me make small chages such as moving the cut line and making rounded cornors.

Then i printed off my logo and let it dry over night

The next day I ironed on the logo to my shirt.

Then I gave the shirt to my papa and he liked it a lot.




Before I started layer masking I went and found a picture of a gorilla on google.

Then I found a picture of Colt on my phone and emailed it to myself on the computer. Once I got the pictuyre on the computer desktop i moved it to Gimp. Once i got the pictur to Gimp I used the paint brush to remove his body an hair until his face was the only thing left.



Then I did the same with the hat that I put on the head.