When you fall asleep your mind gets transported to a different place, sometimes it’s a wonderful beautiful place you wish you could never leave but we’re not always so lucky. I’m in an enclosed room with only three doors with big windows in them. In the first room there is so many spiders, big ones, small ones, poisonous ones, and harmless ones. In the second room there are ghosts, demons, beds with claw marks all over and somethings hands sticking out, and lots of creepy dolls but it is very quiet except for one ghost walking and dragging its feet on the ground. The third and last room is an ocean with whales, sharks, and many other big and some small ocean creatures. The room I am standing in is getting smaller and smaller.

All I can think and scream to myself is “WAKE UP” but it’s not working. There is a loud creepy voice that booms through a speaker that says “pick a room or get crushed!” By now it feels so real that i have forgotten that it is a dream and am panicking to pick one. They are all some of my worst fears. Going through the spiders could mean I get bit and it could be fauteuil. Going through the room with all the evil spirits they would either kill me or I die of fear. The ocean room has death written all over it because everything that wants to eat me would be able to swim faster than me so they would easily catch me. The room is getting too small to stand in and just as I start running to the room I have chosen the voice starts counting down from five. Will I make it into the room and if I do will I make it out?

I grab the doorknob and quickly turn it. “1, 2, 3 GO” is what I tell myself as I’m hurdling myself at full speed into the room and to the other door to get out. “I made it”!!!!! I slam the door closed and am brushing off the spiders that are still on me just appreciating that I’m still alive and i don’t think any bit me. Then I look back and see that there was no door to get out of the other rooms. That means i made the right decision. When I finally came back to my senses I realize I am in my basement where my bedroom is. So I go take a shower because I feel nasty after running through the spider filled room then I go lay down. I’m about to turn off my lamp when some very scary music starts playing and my lamp goes out then I get engulfed in the darkness and I’m falling and falling and falling. My eyes dart open and I am drenched in sweat. Then slowly after i catch my breath realize it was all just a dream and i am safe in my bed.

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8 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. cdowner says:

    You did such an amazing job on this! you had good descriptions and the dream sounds super scary.

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