Biography of Ruby Max

Name: Ruby Max

Date of birth: October 29 1985

Place of birth: Sydney Australia

Height: 5’8

Weight: 150 pounds

My name is Ruby Max,  I was raised in Sydney Australia, and am currently 30 years old. My parents have always believed in me and supported whatever I want to do with my life. As a child I was always a very talented singer but I never sang out loud to anybody. My reasons for this was because I was shy and I didn’t want to flaunt my talent. Once I hit the age of 10 I started to experiment with different instruments and it wasn’t until I was 12 that I knew I had found my calling. On my 13th birthday I got my first drum set, from the moment I recived this amazing gift I couldn’t stop playing. Drums were just the perfect instrument for me because you still get to sing but not in the front, I am really good at keeping time and setting beats as well. Now I am a part of a band and in the band my name is Molar and the band name is  “MetalMouth” with three other people. One of whom I met in New York City. The other two band  members and I met when we were sitting in a row together on a plane on the way to Salt lake city to tour around when we crashed in New York City. Our plane crashed in Billy Braquette (the other band members) apartment building when trying to land to refuel in 2002 on January 16th and instead crashed. Sadly us three were the only survivors of this horrible accident because of luck. Billy was grocery shopping at this time. Kent Murphy, John Smith, and I were singing at the memorial on January 21 2002 for all the people on the plane and Billy Braquette showed up. We needed a lead singer and Billy was one so it worked out perfectly. After this we started talking about how much we all love music so we started a band together. We thought that it would just be a fun activity and we didn’t expect it to go anywhere. Things changed when we all moved to Vermilion Alberta and started to perform in bigger venues and writing hit songs.

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