Who wants the one and only earth we might ever have to still have living humans on it in 500 years? I know that I do but it might not be that way if we continue on the path the human civilization is on. Sadly, every time you turn on you car or chop down a tree or even kill a bee you are shortening the lifetime of not only the earth, but possibly the human race as well. There are natural threats as well as anthropologist impact (human impact). Another environment and society topic is technology and how it is affecting our lives in positive and negative ways.


There are many threats to our environment that we can help stop. Here are some examples:

In that tweet you could see that there are 7 major threats to our earth which are pollution, climate change, deforestation, overpopulation, loss of biodiversity, overfishing, and oceanic dead zones. Of course, that is not all that is a potential harm to the one and only earth we may ever have, as Sean said there is also global warming

The pollution we are causing from all the motorized vehicles that run on gasoline and factories that blow that disgusting gray smoke is harming so much more than it’s helping

Polar bears are being forced to move south and are dieing because of the melting Polar Ice Caps and climate change

Their homes and food sources are being destroyed and it’s all our fault. If we want to live on this earth much longer, something is going to need to change and it is going to need to change quickly.


We have access to a ton of technology that 50 years ago nobody would have thought would ever exist. Is all this electronics a good thing or is it making our society braindead and unsocial? There are many downfalls to the high tech technology our society is constantly surrounded by. Some of those consequences are that the smartphones everybody carries around are making the civilization antisocial. Even though it makes no sense you better believe that people text each other even when they are in the same room! Emails and texts have caused many miscommunications because you can’t show emotions in them and the person reading it could take what you said the wrong way and that can cause some real problems. On the other hand electronics can be beneficial. When I say that it can be beneficial I don’t mean that we all need to be on social media all day, but I’m saying that it can make people more organized and informed. Such as having calendars on your phones or texting people to update plans. We live in a technology based world and it is not something that will be going away any time soon so whether we like it or not, we are going to have to get used to it being around us all the time.


I’m sure that everyone has heard about the devastating forest fire in Fort Mcmurray recently. Sadly, forest fires have been ripping through trees, homes, buildings, cities, and towns all over Canada.

Examples of just how scary mother nature can be. There are even rumours of how this tremendous blaze of flames could have started like terrorist groups, cigarette butts, and some even think it was started from one of the threats to our earth

However this sea of flames got started, it is not the first and definitely will not be the last. Forest fires are not the only natural disasters that terrorize our earth

Hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, fires, drought, and even big storms are a huge threat to the earth that we can’t prevent. The only way we have to help make the disasters less disastrous is the technology that is getting better each day to predict when they will happen and prepare for them as best as we can. When you hear of a natural disaster that happens to anyone, anywhere in the world do what you can to help them out. That is a great way to show you care about the earth and the people in it.


Why are people making no effort to save the earth? If you haven’t noticed, we need it to survive. There are so many threats to our world, but if everyone helped out we could make a big difference. Threats that we create and can help stop are one subject. Another is technology and the positive and negative impacts it is having on humanity. The last topic is all the threats we can’t stop. Do you want to help the earth thrive for as long as it can or do you want to be the generation that watches it die and does nothing about it? You make that decision for yourself and hopefully you will make the right choice.

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