Should Cell Phones be Allowed in St. J Classrooms?

Should cell phones be allowed in St. Jerome’s school classrooms? I strongly believe that cell phones serve no educational purpose and therefore should not be allowed in classrooms. Mobile phones are a distraction, they are not the only way to contact people, and they might be linked to health problems. I understand that there are also some good things they can do for you, like you can quietly listen to music through earphones and music can help you learn. On the other hand, that is one of very few reasons you should have a cellphone in class. There are many more bed than good reasons on this subject. You’ll soon see why cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in St. Jerome’s classrooms.

How can any student learn what they need to learn or do the work they are supposed to be doing when they have a distraction of a cell phone in the palm of their hand? Cell phones are a huge distraction to yourself when you are trying to learn even if you don’t think they are. Wouldn’t you agree that there is nothing more annoying than someone that is on their cell phone all class texting, playing games, or when their phone is going off like crazy, or even when you can hear their music through their earphones. Many Students would agree with this if they care at all about their education, but there will always be at least one person in the class that has to take out their phones at least once and couldn’t care less about theirs and other’s marks. Really, does instagram need to be looked at every ten minutes? Aside From the distraction of cell phone in the classroom for you and others, teachers can’t stand them. A collage study done in 2012 by Tindell and Bohlander found out that about 95% of students bring their phones into class every day and 10% have texted during an exam at least once. There is no point in even having the temptation of a cell phone in the classroom if you care about your grades at all.

Regardless of the fact that you could miss an important text message, in my experience all the important messages could wait until the period ended. If at any time your parents need to contact you about something that couldn’t wait they can use the school phones because they are aware that you are learning. Wouldn’t you agree, that is the whole reason they have school phones. So what about the friends that text you in class? Their phones shouldn’t be out either and you are putting the both of you at risk of getting in trouble each time you hit send. Some people think we are smarter than to bring out our cell phones while a test is going on, nevertheless people still do it! If you get caught your mark on the test could really show it. each teacher would give a different consequence for a cell phone being out that student texting while test is going on. Some would give a zero or deduct marks from the assignment / test. Or others might take it away for that class sometimes even that day. without a doubt, not one person wants to get in trouble for texting in class. There is never a good reason to do it so I suggest that you just don’t.

Would You believe that many people believe that cell phones can cause cancer and tumors. Why would you make even more of a chance to develop one of these illnesses by having your phone in your pocket. I can understand the point of view that this is just a myth and that cell phones can’t cause cancer because there has been no real tests to prove it. However you can never be too careful and those of us who are more careful and shorten the time we spend with our phones will be less likely to develop a sickness related to this if there is one. If tests did start to prove that cell phones were bad for your health would you stop using one? For example smokers still smoke even though they know it is harmful or some people that are obese know they could become very sick very easily but they don’t change their lifestyle. You can lessen your chance of establishing an illness from your phone if there is one, simply by keeping it in your locker.

Many people feel that they need their phones with them at all times, but actually school and your education is much more important. There’s really no point in them because you can contact people with the school phones, they are a distraction in classrooms, and they can possibly cause illnesses. it’s your decision whether you want to get in trouble for having a cell phone out or if you don’t want there to be any chance at all. I think there’s an easy solution to this problem. That quick fix would be to simply keep your phone in your locker is during class. Any other time you want you can take it out for example during breaks. That resolution creates a win-win situation for everybody including people in the classroom and most importantly yourself.

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