Who Am I?

Some people would say I’m mature for my age. I am respectful, polite, and have good manners. I don’t have many good friends but the ones I do have I am extremely close to. I don’t mind that I only have a few friends because I am someone who often doesn’t enjoy the company of a lot of people.

I strive for perfection, which sometimes isn’t a good thing as I am easily frustrated by things that aren’t just so. My organizational skills help to keep me on track with the things that I do and help with my ability of multi-task. I dance about five and half hours a week plus some weekends as well as babysitting for one night a week. With all the activities and responsibilities that I have, I need to be organized. I have a good attitude about most things in that I love to see the humour in things and good side to situations.

A motto that I agree with is to live it to the fullest. I’ve got big plans for my future. I hope to one day have a husband, a big house, a great job, and loving family. A job that I could definitely see myself enjoying is being an architect.

I’ve got many irrational fears and get scared very easy. It would be untrue to say I am very hubris because I don’t hold a lot of pride in myself  an example of this is just how hard I found writing a positive essay about myself. I get very nervous when I do anything because I’m terrified that I am going to do it wrong and disappoint people.

I think I could improve on many things about myself such as being so anti social towards people sometimes. There is no reason for me to have many of the fears I do have so if I could work on that it would be good. Another ting I think I could do better is not procrastinating so much. I cannot yet answer the question you are asking because I have not lived my life yet and I don’t know who I will end up being. Until I know for myself who I am I can’t tell anyone else.

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