Important qualities of a political leader

Most people look for qualities in a political leader that they would find captivating and important to their daily lives and needs as a citizen. When looking for political leaders some people will look for qualities such as loyalty, it is important that a leader is loyal and won’t lie to their voters.  Candidates will lie sometimes unwittingly and other times very outrageously. Another thing voters may look for is how well their president would work with their congressmen because after all the president is not in charge of everything it’s important that they will make the right decisions. Voters may also look at how well they get along with the allies. If a president didn’t get along with another country like Saudi Arabia or Canada that could cause a lot of havoc for the world. Leaders should also understand the “Big Picture”.  This means that they aren’t a leader to focus on one issue but the issues of others as well. Part of being a leader is considering other peoples needs. You need a leader who is committed to being a leader and won’t give up if things go left. They will continue to work as hard as they can until things start to work for them.

Easter in Greece

In Greece, the “Greek Orthodox Church” is Greece’s official religion. On Easter Thursday most of the Greeks bring flowers to the Church for the flower bed they lay the statue of Jesus on. On Friday the Priests decorate the bed for the statue and on Friday they carry the bed through town in a parade. Most wealthy people in Greece build their own mini churches in their backyard just like we do with sheds here.And in the Mass, the Priests sing the entire thing with no instruments. You stand for the entire Mass while it is mostly only adult men who attend the Mass as well. There are tons of candles as the light during Mass. Much like the Ukrainian Church here you cannot see the alter which is covered by gates with photos of 2D statues. Saint Paul is a favourite there as well as Mary.

As in the Beginning

What makes us whole?

Whole, Open, Warm, And without fear is to be whole.

Why does the speaker describe the “man” so objectively in the first nine lines of the poem.

To get the point across that he lost his fingers and how he lost them so we can get to the main point of the poem.

How does the tone of the poem change after the first nine lines?

It gets sweeter and sadder and softer.

To what extent does the speaker understate or overstate the emotions associated with his/her father’s situation? He talks deeply about what the father was like and gives a vivid description of the man’s father’s hands.

Which lines or phrases do you think express what the speaker is feeling most powerfully? What do these lines convey to them? I think that he is expressing the way he misses how his father used to be.

What is the significance of the title? The beginning was different from how things are now.

Gaining Yardage

Are Arlo and the speaker friends?

No, they are farm neighbors.

What makes someone a good friend?

Someone who is caring and kind and can make you laugh isa agood friend in my opinion.

What ideas does this poem share about friendship? Do you agree?

That Arlo is always there for the poet. I agree you should be there for your friends.

What is odd about the last two lines of this poem?

That they wouldn’t be friends anymore if they moved.

List the jargon used in the poem. Find definitions of each term. Do the definitions you find work within the context of the poem?

Yardage-A distance or length measured in yards.

I guess I can see that this comes in when talking about football.

Examine the poem’s use of pronouns. Is the antecedent for each pronoun always clear? What would you recommend the poet do to solve his pronoun problems? He said Arlo and me when it should be Arlo and I.


1. What does the uncertainty principle teach us? How does this relate to faith?  Many things in life are uncertain. The principal tells us that there are things we cannot know or measure exactly. The principle of physics says that even if we could know and measure everything in the present, we still could not be able to prove anything about the future. Uncertainty, unpredictability, and mystery are a scientific reality.

2. What does it mean to say that God exists outside of time? God is not a material being who doesn’t exist in time or space. God is in the present but God is also already in the future. Because the future is a mystery to us, God is also a mystery to us.

3. Why is our ability to know and describe God limited? Because he has chosen not to reveal himself to us yet.

4. What is the only “proof’ that we can have of God’s existence? Faith. It takes a great faith to believe that an unseen God exists.

My father is a simple man

Can life really be compared to an orange?

No, life cannot be compared to an orange. An orange does not breathe or walk, it isn’t active and it does not have feelings like people do.

Does education make someone a “scholar”?

No, because a scholar is someone who is a specialist in a particular branch of study. School you study everything not just one thing in particular.

What is greatness?t

The quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.

How old do you think the speaker is? Justify your response with reference to details in the poem. I think they are 11. It say’s “a man with a 6th-grade education.”

For what audience do you think the poem is intended?

I think that it is for everyone. Especially people who question the meaning of life often.

Do you think the poet ever expressed these thoughts and feelings to his father? Explain

No, I don’t think they did. As the poem did not appear that way.

Friendship Tableaue

How do you feel if you spend time with your friends in this way? When is it important to be together this way?

  • All are friends in the group and they are all enjoying doing the same thing together. 
  • This is a good way to spend time with your friends because you are able to bond better and have something to do. Rather than just watching a movie with your friends, you can go and enjoy going to a museum with a group of friends.
  • One person in the group wants to talk to one other person in the group privately.
  • If you need to take someone from the friend group that you feel you are closer to than you are with the others and speak to them privately about something, that can be a good thing because you need somebody that you can talk to.
  • Members of the group enjoy being together, but not necessarily all doing the same thing together.
  • You can still be with your group of friends and all not doing the same thing. Maybe some members of the group don’t enjoy doing the same things as the other ones do. That’s okay, you can still enjoy being with your friend group you don’t always need to like the same things as all your friends do or do the same things they do.
  •  People enjoy small groups rather than a large group.
  • This is more appealing to me than being in a large group because being in a small group means you can do things easier and it is also a lot easier to get along. Sometimes in larger groups, it can be difficult because you feel like you are being talked over or ignored. Or you may find yourself talking over other people.
  • people enjoy talking with a large group.
  • Sometimes (depending on the person) they might enjoy a larger group because they are more extrovert and like loud settings with a large number of people. Personally, i don’t like large groups because it’s overwhelming.
  • people enjoy talking in twos or threes.

Qualities in a friendship

Traits are important in a friendship. You want a friend that is kind and accepting of the things you choose to do. If your friend doesn’t except you sometimes it can make you feel bad about the choices you make. I also look for a friend that would be talkative so that you would never feel awkward around them or like your talking too much. A friend with a good sense of humor is important because you can have inside jokes with them that you the two of you can get.You also want a friend that you can trust and that can trust you so you know that if you tell them something personal they won’t go and share it with everyone.

if we could see inside other’s hearts

If we could see through the eyes of others, and live days in their lives would we treat them differently? If you see somebody having a bad day smile at them, think about what they would want to feel better. Ask how they are doing and “how can you help” because you don’t know what anybody is going through and you don’t know that maybe if you smile at a stranger on the street and it will make their day and maybe that day they wanted to go home and they wanted to cry but just you making their day that much better maybe instead of crying they smiled because you smiled. You make a bigger impact than you think and that is important to know.