My favourite Subject is Gym. I like Gym because it’s different from other classes. In most classes, you are sitting and learning about things that can sometimes be excessive and boring to learn about. But in Gym, you are free to run around and get exercise and play different games every day. The gym is a fantastic way to get all of the energy bundled up inside you after sitting around for a couple periods. And it is always something that I look forward to.

With Obesity rates rising dangerously these days it is exceedingly important for our generation to be healthy and in shape. If you are not a healthy or in shape person you are threatening your overall health greatly. I think it’s so important that we have Gym class and we are all making sure we get our daily dose of exercise. We are teaching people of our millennial generation the importance of being a physically fit and healthy individual. And with that being said not only is Gym my favourite subject but I view it as one of the most important ones.

I believe that I could find a career in Kinesiology by having Gym as something that I enjoy. Biology is another thing I enjoy which goes hand in hand with Kinesiology. My sister’s boyfriend has a major in Kinesiology and heĀ is a very health cautious person and I admire people who are concerned about their health. Although it not being my dream job it is still something I would find joy in doing in the near future.


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