Friendship Tableaue

How do you feel if you spend time with your friends in this way? When is it important to be together this way?

  • All are friends in the group and they are all enjoying doing the same thing together. 
  • This is a good way to spend time with your friends because you are able to bond better and have something to do. Rather than just watching a movie with your friends, you can go and enjoy going to a museum with a group of friends.
  • One person in the group wants to talk to one other person in the group privately.
  • If you need to take someone from the friend group that you feel you are closer to than you are with the others and speak to them privately about something, that can be a good thing because you need somebody that you can talk to.
  • Members of the group enjoy being together, but not necessarily all doing the same thing together.
  • You can still be with your group of friends and all not doing the same thing. Maybe some members of the group don’t enjoy doing the same things as the other ones do. That’s okay, you can still enjoy being with your friend group you don’t always need to like the same things as all your friends do or do the same things they do.
  •  People enjoy small groups rather than a large group.
  • This is more appealing to me than being in a large group because being in a small group means you can do things easier and it is also a lot easier to get along. Sometimes in larger groups, it can be difficult because you feel like you are being talked over or ignored. Or you may find yourself talking over other people.
  • people enjoy talking with a large group.
  • Sometimes (depending on the person) they might enjoy a larger group because they are more extrovert and like loud settings with a large number of people. Personally, i don’t like large groups because it’s overwhelming.
  • people enjoy talking in twos or threes.
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