Important qualities of a political leader

Most people look for qualities in a political leader that they would find captivating and important to their daily lives and needs as a citizen. When looking for political leaders some people will look for qualities such as loyalty, it is important that a leader is loyal and won’t lie to their voters.  Candidates will lie sometimes unwittingly and other times very outrageously. Another thing voters may look for is how well their president would work with their congressmen because after all the president is not in charge of everything it’s important that they will make the right decisions. Voters may also look at how well they get along with the allies. If a president didn’t get along with another country like Saudi Arabia or Canada that could cause a lot of havoc for the world. Leaders should also understand the “Big Picture”.  This means that they aren’t a leader to focus on one issue but the issues of others as well. Part of being a leader is considering other peoples needs. You need a leader who is committed to being a leader and won’t give up if things go left. They will continue to work as hard as they can until things start to work for them.

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