Father Joy

Today,  September 26th we got to meet Father Joy for the first time. He told us he worked at two parishes in Edmonton, Alberta before coming to Vermilion. https://caedm.ca/ParishesMassTimes/StTheresaEdmontonhttps:

Father Joy, like the Apostle Thomas, is travelling from his country India to teach the Gospel.  The Apostle Thomas bought Christianity to the state of Kerala, India) in AD 52. Father Joy comes from the state of Kerala India.


Father Joy lived in the small state of Kerala, which is on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India.


Kerala is the 23rd largest Indian state by area,  spread over 38,863 km2   

Nova Scotia is the second-smallest of Canada’s ten provinces, with an area of 55,284 square kilometres

Father Joy said the church wanted to send him to Germany but he didn’t want to learn how to speak German. He agreed to come to Canada instead and learn English.

Father Joy had us do a breathing exercise as a class. He says it is a good way to clear your head and calm your body he says we should do this often, in the morning and at bedtime to relax us.

Father Joy is nowhere in Vermilion at the Holy Name  Catholic Church.


Now I will know who Father Joy is when we go to school masses.

Infinity Ring

After the explosion went off Dak, Sera, and Riq use the Infinity ring to travel to the Egyptian pyramid. When they got there they were stuck there. until they figured out a password with the ring. When they figured the password of the ring they saw they had to go to Spain in 1492. I wouldn’t have guessed a password in a couple minutes if I wasn’t sure I was right about the password. If I guessed I wouldn’t know if it would explode.

Infinity Ring

When Dak and Sera got back to Dak’s house there were agents called the SQ who came to their house to try and help Dak and Sera. Dak and Sera didn’t believe they were trying to help them get their parents back. SO Dak, Sera, and the agents went to the SQ headquarters to try and refix time. The SQ, Dak, and Sera are going to try to go back in time to fix the past that they did not like. When Dak and Sera got to the SQ they met people from the SQ headquarters they found a sixteen-year-old boy that knew how to Speak sixteen languages. After everyone met each other an explosion went off. I wouldn’t want to go back in time because I don’t want to change the past and the future.

Infinity ring

Sera and Dak went into Dak’s parent’s secret room and they were decoding a ring that would put you back in time. When Dak’s parents got home they weren’t happy. So they went back in time but ran into British soldiers so Dak had to use the ring to get out but Daks parents didn’t come back. I wouldn’t have gone into their secret room because i wouldn’t want to get introuble.


Based on my survey I have learned that I would be most successful in choosing a career using computers. It’s much faster to write using a keyboard and computers have spellcheck and grammar to help me out.  A computer is very helpful to get on to google and find help on how to fix anything and find answers to questions I don’t know. At times you find them frustrating while learning a new program. To gain more knowledge just use the computer to find out what you don’t know.



I do my best work when someone is helping me and guiding me. I like it when I have support from my family, friends, teachers, and helper. I am more motivated more when I know that someone could help me along the way. I like it when I get work done and assignments completed on time. I think everyone likes to achieve goals.



Infinity ring

A school class went on a trip. An earthquake happened two students had to save their class from dying on a school trip from an earthquake. We went to the lake this summer and on the way, grandpas trailer broke down and we had to help them bringing the boats and then going back to pick up grandma and grandpa.

Interest survey

Some of my interests are cars, especially lamborghinis. They are one of the most expensive, speedy and cool cars I know. I think I was meant to be a ‘finder of things”  I would love to walk the beaches of anywhere in the world with a metal detector. Just think of all the cool finds I would have! I have always liked basketball. I like to play it, watch it & read about it. Recently I joined Kuk Sool Won, which is a form of martial arts. My other interests are my cellphone, video games, cats and dogs.

The Ten Commandments

1. I am the LORD your God:
you shall not have
strange Gods before me.

I am the Lord your God, worship me.

2. You shall not take
the name of the LORD your God in vain

You may only use God’s name in prayer.


3. Remember to keep holy the LORD’S Day.

Don’t work on a Sunday

4. Honor your father and your mother.

You shall not disrespect your mother and father.


5. You shall not kill.

To kill a human is wrong in God’s eyes.

6. You shall not commit adultery.

You will love and marry only one spouse.

7. You shall not steal.

Only take your own belongings

8. You shall not bear false witness
against your neighbor.

You and your neighbor will become good friends.

9. You shall not covet
your neighbor’s wife.

You will be happy with only your wife.


10. You shall not covet
your neighbor’s goods.

Your neighbor’s belongings are his only.



The Tenth Commandment

In the tenth commandment, it tells us to banish or put away our desires for whatever that does not belong to us. The  Bible reading tells us to do goodwill, search for righteousness and you will be filled. My visual talks about some of the good deeds we can do as a person, family, school, community, and country. We have so much to be thankful for and we do not need to covet as it says in the tenth commandment.