Father Joy

Today,  September 26th we got to meet Father Joy for the first time. He told us he worked at two parishes in Edmonton, Alberta before coming to Vermilion. https://caedm.ca/ParishesMassTimes/StTheresaEdmontonhttps:

Father Joy, like the Apostle Thomas, is travelling from his country India to teach the Gospel.  The Apostle Thomas bought Christianity to the state of Kerala, India) in AD 52. Father Joy comes from the state of Kerala India.


Father Joy lived in the small state of Kerala, which is on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India.


Kerala is the 23rd largest Indian state by area,  spread over 38,863 km2   

Nova Scotia is the second-smallest of Canada’s ten provinces, with an area of 55,284 square kilometres

Father Joy said the church wanted to send him to Germany but he didn’t want to learn how to speak German. He agreed to come to Canada instead and learn English.

Father Joy had us do a breathing exercise as a class. He says it is a good way to clear your head and calm your body he says we should do this often, in the morning and at bedtime to relax us.

Father Joy is nowhere in Vermilion at the Holy Name  Catholic Church.


Now I will know who Father Joy is when we go to school masses.

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