Give Advice To A Trusted Friend

Landan Horpestad

Box 3273

Vermilion, Alberta

T9X 2B2

November 27, 2019

Dear Bob,

I would like to encourage you to listen to your parents and teachers. These people can help you to decide right from wrong. Even though you think they don’t do anything for you they really do. Teachers teach us so that we can go from school to college or university and get a good education so that you can get a good job and make lots of money to look after yourself better. Parents and teachers also try to teach us about God and how he loves us no matter what. Jesus died for us so that we could be free of our sins.

Maybe it would help you to go to church and speak with your parish priest. Our priest would have lots of things to share with you about God’s love and how you can show him that.  God may not like the things you are doing but he always loves you so should you.  Parents and teachers try to teach us to be respectful to everyone and most importantly to love your family and yourself.

Please, Bob, try to turn your self around and make your life and lifes of your parents and teachers better. You will be much happier and filled with joy when you do this.

Your friend, Landan

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