If I could go anywhere in the world I would like to go to  Hawaii. I would like to go to Hawaii because I like the sun up longer than 5;30 and it’s always hot. I would want to go to the beach and get the sun on me so I could get another tan.  I like the sun out longer so I won’t get cold during the day/night without the sun at 5;30.

I would go to a hotel to sleep at night so I could go back to the beach the next morning. There’s a lot to do in Hawaii you could go to Disneyland, snorkel with sharks, mountain tubing through Canals and Tunnels, sunset dinner, sunrise lava tour. I hope I could take long walks on the beaches and on the roads. I would like to bring my dog to Hawaii but I don’ t know if you’re allowed to.

Hawaii is one of the safest places in the nicest place in the world. If  I had enough money to live in Hawaii and live in a nice house beside a beach I would love to move there because it doesn’ t snow that much in Hawaii. It is one of the warmest places on Earth.



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