I’m 72, So What

I liked this story because it is about an older woman being with a guy longer than she thought she would and grew up with him.  Then they broke up with each other a couple of years later. After 20 years in the U.S.A., she saw herself being a forever green card holder, never really settling down after she got to old age. She only had a vague notion of what it meant to be old and would want to pack up. She thought life would send her signals when the time came.

Since she broke up with her husband a few years ago she wanted to try and attempt to get across the Atlantic Ocean looking for international schools for her daughters in Paris. As the years passed she had moved to  New York. She decided to go to France and live there for a while.

When she became an adult after her teenage days were over she cried when she turned 20.

she did not want to become an adult. After 30 years she said she thought she was in the adult world finally, the World of Mad Men.

A couples of reasons I didn’t like this story was because it was too focused on how old she was and she wanted to leave New York and go back to Paris and didn’t.  I was hoping she would go back to Paris.  Another reason why I didn’t like it was that when she turned 20 years old she cried when she became an adult. Most of the 20-year-olds would be happy becoming that age not having to live with their parents anymore and get more friends from work and be friends a long time with people who you work with. When she said she tried to go across the Atlantic,  I didn’t like that because there are usually schools in every big/medium state in America. When you’re older you get to do more traveling than you do at a younger age or in your teenage years.

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