Mars Base 2050

If I had to go on Mars for a while I would write diaries about my time and all the things I’m doing up there.  I would read the diary when I return to earth from mars and remember the things I did on Mars.  I would be happy on mars because I would be away from everyone and wouldn’t be anxious sometimes from school.

My first experience would be to explore out on mars to try and find treasures and particles nobody has ever seen before. I would try to create new things on mars that would surprise everyone else on Earth. If I found new things on Mars I would take it back to Earth if it wasn’t just a rock and sand. I would try to create a robot friend to be with me so I wouldn’t have to be alone on Mars.

The priorities  I would set would be to bring back a couple of new things on Mars that people have never seen before. I would hope for values on things from Mars to see what I can invest in to try to earn some money from the value I would bring back from Mars to Earth. If I got a lot of money from the values I would try to buy a house and try to move to a different country than Canada like the U.S.A.


If I got back to Earth I would try to invest the things I found on Mars and try to make a bunch of money out of it. If I got a lot of money out of it I would have programs for people to help them invest stuff to be turned into better people and let their future be set for the next couple of years.

The stuff I wrote is what I would do if I had to live on mars for a couple of months.

Where the mountain meets the moon

                                                 This book is called Where The Mountain Meets The Moon. The book stars a 10-year-old girl and her name is Minli. She is always ready for an adventure, however, she likes spending time with her father besides going on adventures. All the villagers where Minli lives are poor, as farming is difficult in the dry hard land where they live. They say there is an immortal Jade Dragon that only spits out rain every once in a while and there is hardly any rice left to eat for the poor people that live there.

There is a special goldfish that Minli is holding; apparently, it can answer Minli questions if she asks a certain question and receives directions from the goldfish to a never-ending mountain.  The next day Minli sets the goldfish free so she doesn’t burden her parents further and leaves the village. When her parents find out Minli is gone they try to look for her but are stopped by the goldfish seller who tells the parents to trust Minli.  When Minli woke up in the forest she found a dragon next to her so she becomes the dragon’s friend. The dragon cannot fly like other dragons. He tells Minli that he was born from painting and came to life when his eyes were painted.

When the dragon and Minli were on their Journey they saw selfish monkeys. Minli manages to trick them into letting them pass and together they enter the city called Bright Moonlight. The boy is poor and has nothing but buffalo but helps her find the king who possesses a borrowed line of text which is key to finding the old man of the moon. When she meets the king he gives up the borrowing line of which is revealed to be a page from the book of fortune.

Meanwhile, at the village, Minli’s mom and dad wait for her to get back from her hunt. During the journey, the dragon tries to protect Minli from a poisonous green tiger but gets injured and would have died if Minli had not sought out help from a nearby village of the moon rain.  When the twins from the village killed the tiger they used the poisonous thing in the tiger to revive the dragon and make him better again so he could protect Minli. Minli asks the old man from the moon why can’t this dragonfly-like other dragons? The old man instructs her to remove a rock from his head which prevents him from flying in the first place. When she removes the rock from the dragon’s heads the dragon immediately starts flying like other dragons.

The dragon reunites with one of its children and transforms Fruitless Mountain to Fruitless Mountain. Because of Minli’s help, her family gets everything they could’ve hoped for. This is like Hero’s Journey because Minli is trying to get everything her family wanted and won’t be poor anymore. She won’t have to worry about running out of food or water and starvation. Minli was a hero because she saves her family from running out of money and food and saves the dragon from never being able to fly again. I like this story because it doesn’t always have to be an adult to be a hero.  Usually, stories are about adults saving kids and other people and this story is about the kid saving her parents.  

My Dream House

My dream house would be a mansion. I would have lots of party’s and pay people to cook meals like breakfast and supper. If I had a butler I would make him cook me fast food from restaurants so I wouldn’t have to go to a restaurant.

I would have a little restaurant, pay workers, have everyone clean the mess  I make; if I make one. I would have a couple of rooms for just dogs, cats, and turtles. I would have babysitters for the dogs. If I have enough dogs I would pay people to babysit. I would have at least one party every week with friends.

I would pay painters to paint pictures of my old dogs from my childhood to put them on the wall. This is so I could look at them to remember them and never forget my childhood dogs and cats.  I would invite people to my home to look at all the paintings, big rooms, and the rooms with just my pets in.

I would have a big pool in the back of my house and have a bar in the backyard of the house for the party. I would host this party for a few hours every week and invite old friends to the party; if they were in the area that I would be in. I would have the mansion in  Los Angeles California.

I would live with a bunch of people and pay them if they would do stuff for me if they were good all week to me without getting upset. I would have a big garage with supercars and colored walls with a bar in the corner of the garage, the bar in the garage would only be for drinks and no food.

Dream Car

My dream car is to have a pink Lamborghini. I would have bigger wheels on the car so it looks bigger. I want pink on my car because it is my favourite colour out of all the colours.  I would have a cooler in the car because if I stop at a light to wait,  I could have a drink and put it back in the cooler.  I would have a newer engine on the car so it would be really loud. I want my car to start up faster and have smoke coming out of the muffler. I’d look cool.

I would try to go all over the world in that car because it is super fast and has a big gas tank. I would get very good gas mileage in my car.  I would bring my animals in the car to see if they would like it and not get scared by the sound. I would take my family members to places so they don’t have to drive and it would be quicker with the supercar. My brother would love to go for a ride in my car as it would go high speeds.

I would have a Bluetooth, GPS System, wings on the back, I Phone stand, & a stereo with subwoofer speakers.  The louder the music, the better I like it. I would install car video systems and put the screens in the headrests. My family could watch a movie if we are going on a long trip somewhere.  There would also be butterfly wings for my doors when I open them up instead of normal car doors. These kinds of doors make the car look more sporty.

If I started to not like the Lamborghini I could try to sell it to people who are looking for a fast car for a good deal.  If I could have this car I would be happy and after a few months or years with the car, I  could try to make an investment or sell the car for a good price.  I probably had to pay 200 hundred thousand to 500 thousand dollars for my car.  I would put in headrests for my car, stereo, and make the car as comfortable as possible.  Hopefully, I could sell it for more money if I put in extra features.

This has been my dream car for a couple of years.  I would try to do anything to try and buy it when I’m older and have enough money to do that. It would be better if I won the lottery instead as I would probably have a better chance of getting the money that way.

Viewing the World #5

After I read about someone who can achieve great things by working hard and wanting more for themselves, I thought of my sister. She has gone to school and worked hard and is still working towards more.

She went to McEwan University for four years and got her commerce degree. She went on and wrote and passed her final exam for her CPA designation through the  CPA Alberta Western School of Business. She is working full time and is currently waiting on approval of her work hours to get her Official CPA designation.

She is planning to further her accounting career by obtaining additional designations in either financial planning or specialized taxes.  She is hoping to someday become a partner for a public accounting firm. She keeps going back to school to get more education so she will accomplish her goal of being a partner. She is like Hellen Keller in that she has to keep working hard and never give up to get what she wants in life.








She looked out for me all the time when I was little