Dream Car

My dream car is to have a pink Lamborghini. I would have bigger wheels on the car so it looks bigger. I want pink on my car because it is my favourite colour out of all the colours.  I would have a cooler in the car because if I stop at a light to wait,  I could have a drink and put it back in the cooler.  I would have a newer engine on the car so it would be really loud. I want my car to start up faster and have smoke coming out of the muffler. I’d look cool.

I would try to go all over the world in that car because it is super fast and has a big gas tank. I would get very good gas mileage in my car.  I would bring my animals in the car to see if they would like it and not get scared by the sound. I would take my family members to places so they don’t have to drive and it would be quicker with the supercar. My brother would love to go for a ride in my car as it would go high speeds.

I would have a Bluetooth, GPS System, wings on the back, I Phone stand, & a stereo with subwoofer speakers.  The louder the music, the better I like it. I would install car video systems and put the screens in the headrests. My family could watch a movie if we are going on a long trip somewhere.  There would also be butterfly wings for my doors when I open them up instead of normal car doors. These kinds of doors make the car look more sporty.

If I started to not like the Lamborghini I could try to sell it to people who are looking for a fast car for a good deal.  If I could have this car I would be happy and after a few months or years with the car, I  could try to make an investment or sell the car for a good price.  I probably had to pay 200 hundred thousand to 500 thousand dollars for my car.  I would put in headrests for my car, stereo, and make the car as comfortable as possible.  Hopefully, I could sell it for more money if I put in extra features.

This has been my dream car for a couple of years.  I would try to do anything to try and buy it when I’m older and have enough money to do that. It would be better if I won the lottery instead as I would probably have a better chance of getting the money that way.


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