My Dream House

My dream house would be a mansion. I would have lots of party’s and pay people to cook meals like breakfast and supper. If I had a butler I would make him cook me fast food from restaurants so I wouldn’t have to go to a restaurant.

I would have a little restaurant, pay workers, have everyone clean the mess  I make; if I make one. I would have a couple of rooms for just dogs, cats, and turtles. I would have babysitters for the dogs. If I have enough dogs I would pay people to babysit. I would have at least one party every week with friends.

I would pay painters to paint pictures of my old dogs from my childhood to put them on the wall. This is so I could look at them to remember them and never forget my childhood dogs and cats.  I would invite people to my home to look at all the paintings, big rooms, and the rooms with just my pets in.

I would have a big pool in the back of my house and have a bar in the backyard of the house for the party. I would host this party for a few hours every week and invite old friends to the party; if they were in the area that I would be in. I would have the mansion in  Los Angeles California.

I would live with a bunch of people and pay them if they would do stuff for me if they were good all week to me without getting upset. I would have a big garage with supercars and colored walls with a bar in the corner of the garage, the bar in the garage would only be for drinks and no food.

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