Where the mountain meets the moon

                                                 This book is called Where The Mountain Meets The Moon. The book stars a 10-year-old girl and her name is Minli. She is always ready for an adventure, however, she likes spending time with her father besides going on adventures. All the villagers where Minli lives are poor, as farming is difficult in the dry hard land where they live. They say there is an immortal Jade Dragon that only spits out rain every once in a while and there is hardly any rice left to eat for the poor people that live there.

There is a special goldfish that Minli is holding; apparently, it can answer Minli questions if she asks a certain question and receives directions from the goldfish to a never-ending mountain.  The next day Minli sets the goldfish free so she doesn’t burden her parents further and leaves the village. When her parents find out Minli is gone they try to look for her but are stopped by the goldfish seller who tells the parents to trust Minli.  When Minli woke up in the forest she found a dragon next to her so she becomes the dragon’s friend. The dragon cannot fly like other dragons. He tells Minli that he was born from painting and came to life when his eyes were painted.

When the dragon and Minli were on their Journey they saw selfish monkeys. Minli manages to trick them into letting them pass and together they enter the city called Bright Moonlight. The boy is poor and has nothing but buffalo but helps her find the king who possesses a borrowed line of text which is key to finding the old man of the moon. When she meets the king he gives up the borrowing line of which is revealed to be a page from the book of fortune.

Meanwhile, at the village, Minli’s mom and dad wait for her to get back from her hunt. During the journey, the dragon tries to protect Minli from a poisonous green tiger but gets injured and would have died if Minli had not sought out help from a nearby village of the moon rain.  When the twins from the village killed the tiger they used the poisonous thing in the tiger to revive the dragon and make him better again so he could protect Minli. Minli asks the old man from the moon why can’t this dragonfly-like other dragons? The old man instructs her to remove a rock from his head which prevents him from flying in the first place. When she removes the rock from the dragon’s heads the dragon immediately starts flying like other dragons.

The dragon reunites with one of its children and transforms Fruitless Mountain to Fruitless Mountain. Because of Minli’s help, her family gets everything they could’ve hoped for. This is like Hero’s Journey because Minli is trying to get everything her family wanted and won’t be poor anymore. She won’t have to worry about running out of food or water and starvation. Minli was a hero because she saves her family from running out of money and food and saves the dragon from never being able to fly again. I like this story because it doesn’t always have to be an adult to be a hero.  Usually, stories are about adults saving kids and other people and this story is about the kid saving her parents.  





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