Mars Base 2050

If I had to go on Mars for a while I would write diaries about my time and all the things I’m doing up there.¬† I would read the diary when I return to earth from mars and remember the things I did on Mars.¬† I would be happy on mars because I would be away from everyone and wouldn’t be anxious sometimes from school.

My first experience would be to explore out on mars to try and find treasures and particles nobody has ever seen before. I would try to create new things on mars that would surprise everyone else on Earth. If I found new things on Mars I would take it back to Earth if it wasn’t just a rock and sand. I would try to create a robot friend to be with me so I wouldn’t have to be alone on Mars.

The priorities  I would set would be to bring back a couple of new things on Mars that people have never seen before. I would hope for values on things from Mars to see what I can invest in to try to earn some money from the value I would bring back from Mars to Earth. If I got a lot of money from the values I would try to buy a house and try to move to a different country than Canada like the U.S.A.


If I got back to Earth I would try to invest the things I found on Mars and try to make a bunch of money out of it. If I got a lot of money out of it I would have programs for people to help them invest stuff to be turned into better people and let their future be set for the next couple of years.

The stuff I wrote is what I would do if I had to live on mars for a couple of months.

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