layer mask

Step 1- opened Gimp
Step 2- Emailed picture to myself
Step 3- Downloaded picture of my cat onto desktop
Step 4- Upload pictures onto Gimp
Step 5- Erase most of the background
Step 6- Upload background picture into Gimp
Step 7- Move image to where you want on background


Step 1  Emailing the picture to my self


Step 2 upload pictures to Canva
Step 3  Put pictures into collage. 

Step 4  Changed filter and added effects.



What is a “Rutherford”?

A “Rutherford” is a scholarship to recognize and reward the academic achievement of senior high school students and encourage themselves to pursue post secondary studies. To receive this scholarship you must be a Canadian citizen and have a mark of 75 percent to 79 percent. Students can apply once their official high school transcript marks are available and they are enrolled in full time post secondary studies. 

This scholarship is named after Alexander Rutherford. He was a Canadian lawyer and politician who served as the first premier of Alberta from 1905 to 1910.

Favourite hobbies

My Favourite thing to do after school is play with my dog JJ. JJ is a grey Shih Tzu. I give her treats when I get home from school. She s a a sleepy dog that doesn’t like running or exercising. I like to pet her because she has soft hair. 


I sleep after i get home and have a nap for an hour and a half. I sleep on my stomach so it is the most comfortable position to sleep in. When I sleep I put on an alarm so I don’t oversleep my time that I want to get up. 


The game I play most is Ghost of Tsushima. It is  a 13th century japan swordsman fighting game. I like to play this game, it is a realistic samurai game in which you try to take down invaders from a different place that are trying to take over tsushima japan the character you play try to defeat them and send the invaders back to the ocean.