Favourite hobbies

My Favourite thing to do after school is play with my dog JJ. JJ is a grey Shih Tzu. I give her treats when I get home from school. She s a a sleepy dog that doesn’t like running or exercising. I like to pet her because she has soft hair. 


I sleep after i get home and have a nap for an hour and a half. I sleep on my stomach so it is the most comfortable position to sleep in. When I sleep I put on an alarm so I don’t oversleep my time that I want to get up. 


The game I play most is Ghost of Tsushima. It is  a 13th century japan swordsman fighting game. I like to play this game, it is a realistic samurai game in which you try to take down invaders from a different place that are trying to take over tsushima japan the character you play try to defeat them and send the invaders back to the ocean.  


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