Taking a picture of settings to make things easier
putting the shirt into place

Picture of after cutting the white stuff out of it
Cutting out the white stuff
Placing the shirt on the thing



Picking what app to use i think



Changing the size of the letters and number


Changing the size
Picking type of settings
Picture of cutter
Final step of letters






Taking pictures of final product




Back of shirt Inkscape

After selecting our image using the arrow tool we went to path menu and selected trace bitmap
After we traced we had to pull them apart we deleted the black one
We changed the colours to pink value to zero and we had to duplicate them


Changing the colour of the outline
Putting the other letters on top of each other
Took a screenshot of images



Changing the colour of the letters



Matching the cutlines





Perfect match






Choose the EPS



Fixing the corners




Looking at settings




Looking at printer




Looking at floor
taking a picture of the jersey on a piece of paper




Separating a Mechanical Mixture

 Problem- Separate a mechanical mixture.

Safety precautions- safety goggles and   apron


Material and apparatus 

2 Beakers










Stirring Rod















Iron fillings




Step 1- Half fill a 250ml beaker with the mixture











Step 2- Pour the mixture onto the paper




Step 3- Move the magnet over the surface of the mixture several times.










Step 4- Pour the mixture back into the beaker


Step 5- Add 100 ml of water to the beaker and stir until you can not see any sugar crystals
Step 6- Filter the from Step 5.



Step 6- The water is still dirty in the filter



Step 7- Cleaning the area used for the experiment





I thought the filter would get dirty and the water wouldn’t change.  




  • Dirty, brown water; grass floating; swirling liquid; sand at the bottom of beaker





In this experiment, the filtering of the dirty water made the water less dirty. 

I learned that dirty water could be filtered to be kind of clean again. I might not ever need to use this information but it was cool to learn.


What did you find out: 

  1. The water got dirty, The filter caught the grass. 
  2. We could see multiple things in a mixture and a filter will separate some of these things.