Separating a Mechanical Mixture

 Problem- Separate a mechanical mixture.

Safety precautions- safety goggles and   apron


Material and apparatus 

2 Beakers










Stirring Rod















Iron fillings




Step 1- Half fill a 250ml beaker with the mixture











Step 2- Pour the mixture onto the paper




Step 3- Move the magnet over the surface of the mixture several times.










Step 4- Pour the mixture back into the beaker


Step 5- Add 100 ml of water to the beaker and stir until you can not see any sugar crystals
Step 6- Filter the from Step 5.



Step 6- The water is still dirty in the filter



Step 7- Cleaning the area used for the experiment





I thought the filter would get dirty and the water wouldn’t change.  




  • Dirty, brown water; grass floating; swirling liquid; sand at the bottom of beaker





In this experiment, the filtering of the dirty water made the water less dirty. 

I learned that dirty water could be filtered to be kind of clean again. I might not ever need to use this information but it was cool to learn.


What did you find out: 

  1. The water got dirty, The filter caught the grass. 
  2. We could see multiple things in a mixture and a filter will separate some of these things.




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