The Lovely Bones

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The lovely Bones is a very good book you may have read it or seen other blogs about it. The lovely bones is about a 14 year old girl named Susie Salmon. It is winter were she is living and it is very cold so while she is walking home from school she decides to take a short cut through her neighbor Mr. Harvey’s Corn field. When she was almost through she saw some one standing in the

it was Mr. Harvey she didn’t think any thing of it she went up to him and they started to talk. After a while Susie was getting cold so she said she had to go home. Mr. Harvey asked her if she would like to go to a place he had built for kids to play she believed him and they went he had dug out the ground when she had seen it she couldn’t believe it. Then after a while she said she had to go she tried to leave but he blocked her path. he

then told her to take off her clothes and raped her after he did that with a razor in his hand he told her to ell him he loved her she did but it didn’t matter the end came anyway back at her house he

r father had just come through the door when her mother came to him and said Susie hasn’t come home yet her father said that she will come home soon. The next day had come but susie had not come home her parents called the police they all go out and look for her every where but Mr. Harvey being smart like he had done this before hid the body then when when no one was around he cut her body into pieces and put them into a bag then put the bag into a safe and deposited it into sink hole on a farmers land.

The detective on Susie’s disappearance was Len Fennerman was talking to all the neighbors about what they thought might have happened he even talked to the man who had done it Mr. Harvey lied to the detective and told him a sappy story about a wife no one in the neighbor hood had heard about or seen so no one believed him.

Mr. and Mrs. Salmon had lied to there son buckley about his sister he thought she was at a sleep over but she was really dead there father thought he could smooth it over by letting buckley play monopoly with them. The book is is really good and i suggest it to any one who likes books about mystery, suspense. Or the fact you want to know if gets caught or not i sure do.

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