Hana Kimi

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Mar 11

It has been said that when a person is in love, they would give everythin' fer th' other, includin' themselves and everythin' t' make their other happy. The title, Hanazakari Nay Kimitachi E, means “For ye in full blossom;” so t' say one person givin' everythin' they could fer another, due t' love. Aarrr! Mizuki Ashiya is infatuated with Sano Izumi; which is defined as someone thinkin' they are in love when it is indeed just a like fer another, by Davy Jones' locker. Of course, th' infatuation ye have fer a person can be transformed into what we call love; although only after havin' th' opportunity t' get t' know and connect with them.

When Mizuki made th' decision t' cut off that comely wench hair, change that comely wench appearance, and move t' Japan, she had no idea that that comely wench relationship with famous High Jump Athlete, Sano Izumi, would turn into anythin' more than friendship, even though she hoped it would, by Blackbeard's sword. The reason fer that bein': Mizuki lookin' like a lad, and attendin' an all laddies school; where no one could find out she were bein' really a lass. Throughout th' series, Sano becomes protective o' Mizuki because o' that comely wench secret that she is a lass; not t' mention fallin' in love with that comely wench, by Davy Jones' locker. Mizuki also falls in love with Sano, but th' catch is that neither can tell each other fer fear o' Mizuki havin' t' leave if that comely wench true identity becomes known. This is referred t' as a secret love; when two individuals love each other, but th' fact isn’t known by others, and sometimes even themselves.

The term “love” can be referred t' many different feelin's, but most o' them are merely just feelin's that have been confused with love. Hisaya Nakajo writes such an intricate storyline, that it leaves ye with almost no doubt that what Sano and Mizuki are feelin' is what some people refer t' as true love. Aarrr! True love has been described as bein' yer soul’s recognition o' it’s counterpoint in another bein'; yer soul bein' an eternal part o' ye, although separate from yer body in existence, by Davy Jones' locker. The soul has been deemed essential t' consciousness, personality, mind, spirit, and self. And hoist the mainsail! The fact that yer soul is connected t' every aspect o' yer life also includes it in bein' th' one t' recognize who, when, and how ye will “fall” in love.

When people say that ye “fall” in love, it is merely a metaphorical term t' describe th' feelin'. Really how it happens is that ye grow into love, after ye try t' have a connection with that person, and learn about them. Throughout all th' time that Mizuki and Sano spend together from bein' roommates, a special relation thrives betwixt them that none other could share, by Blackbeard's sword. By gettin' t' know each other, they are able t' connect on an entirely different level than they would have been able t' if they had just “hung out” from time t' time. Although Sano and Mizuki love and care fer each other, Sano’s best matey Nakatsu Shuichi grows t' love Mizuki as well; posin' a problem and a tedious love triangle fer all three.

If ye like books filled with love, humor, and difficult life decisions, than I highly recommend Hana Kimi. Fire the cannons! It has a storyline filled with sweet sensitivity, as well as chances t' make th' wrong or right choice. Although it is meant t' be more o' a love story than a life changin' tale, I feel as though it has changed me. Other than just changin' me fandom and genre types I enjoy, Hana Kimi has also converted th' way I feel about others. Sano and Mizuki’s twisted tale o' hidden love is by far one o' th' most charmin' relationships I have come across in books, and it deserves t' be known by far more than those who are already aware o' it.

Twilight and New Moon

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Mar 30

After readin' New Moon by Stephanie Meyer I have a load o' interestin' events that I found influenced me in a certain way o' thinkin' about th' book. I ne'er really thought about readin' New Moon until just about everyone in me classroom were bein' talks. I decided t' start readin' th' book, and after th' first two chapters I couldn’t lay down th' book from me hands, every time I had t' stop readin' I felt as if I stoped a movie. Even though Bella had an exhaustin' and depressin' time dealin' with th' break up, th' best part were bein' that she had a matey t' rely on and as time passed their friendship become closer and closer with every second, Jacob Black(Taylor Lautner) were bein' th' only one that were bein' able t' get Bella through th' rough time she went through. There were bein' three chapters that really caught me attention, The Funeral, The Endin', Vote.

The first chapter 18 is called The Funeral, th' reason fer that is because Charlie’s matey Harry died from a heart attack , so Harry were bein' goin' t' his funeral. After Charlie(Billy Burke) leaves, keepin' Bella with Alice, Jacob dropes by. As he were bein' talkin' t' Bella th' phone rin's and Jacob quickly grabs th' phone and answers. The caller is Edward(Robert Pattinson) but he says he’s Carlisle, with a chest full of booty. Edward asks fer Charlie, but Jacob tells that scurvey dog that he’s in a funeral. Now th' interestin' concept is that Edward gets th' wrong message without askin' who’s funeral that were bein', he thinks thats Bella’s funeral. And th' rest o' th' other 6 chapter talk about how that trigired Bella’s life. And swab the deck! If he would have asked who’s funeral that were bein' before takin' action that would have saved that scurvey dog th' trouble with th' Volterra’s, and saved th' fact that Bella knows about vampires so that she would have had not t' turn into a vampire. Shiver me timbers, by Davy Jones' locker! When I read th' part where Edward calls I immediately knew what th' endin' were bein' goin' t' be.

The second Chapter that I liked is chapter 3 called The End. The End talks about Edwrad tellin' Bella that he doesn’t love that comely wench any more and she doesn’t belong t' his world. I were bein' so heart broken when he said that, I wondered how I would react if I were bein' in Bella place and how I would feel, I'll warrant ye. I would be fell terribly bitter and depressed. I thought that there were bein' no need fer th' shockin' break up, just because Jasper attacked Bella after a paper cut, because that wasn’t that comely wench fault that Jasper could not handle bein' aroun' that comely wench. I considered th' fact that Edwrad should have measered all th' possibilities o' Bella bein' aroun' a family o' vampires, not after he stole that comely wench heart and put that comely wench in danger. That were bein' one o' me preferred events in th' whole book since that showed how Bella’s life would be changed by that one careless decision by Edward.

The third best chapter is chapter 24 called Vote. That chapter adress th' point o' when Bella(Kristen Stewart) asks th' Cullen family t' vote in favor o' that comely wench becomin' a vampire, and o' course she wins th' votes and gets th' approval t' become a vampire. I have always wanted that comely wench t' become a vampire a nd a part o' th' Cullen family, since she really understands them and is loved by everyonee in th' family. Plus she knew all th' facts and rules about vampires, so she didn’t have t' wait t' be able t' know all th' rules o' becomin' a vampire. The only worry is that what is she goin' t' tell Charlie after becomin' a vampire, because she won’t be able t' be in th' sun, eat normal chow, maybe no be able t' resist th' scent and attacks that scurvey dog, but I am sure that they’ll come up with an excuse or not tell that scurvey dog at all.

Overall, I considered New Moon t' be an interestin', captivatin', and an intense book. There were so many events that made me feel as if I were bein' in th' book with them, like when Bella jumped off o' th' cliff, she described th' water so well that I felt as if I were bein' there with that comely wench, we'll keel-haul ye, to be sure! The way Stephanie Meyer wrote th' book made all th' events in New Moon seem alive. The Funeral, The End, and Vote are all situations that trigered Bella’s life t' becomin' closer and closer t' a vampire even though she didn’t know that, and thought that they were unfortunate events.

The Secret Language of Girls

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Mar 12

 The last book I’ve read is called ”The Secret Language o' Girls ” by ”Frances O’Roark Dowell ”. The author portrays th' changin' dynamics o' middle-school relationships, and a bucket o' chum. Neighbors Kate and Marylin, who have been best maties since nursery school, find themselves driftin' apart at th' beginnin' o' sixth grade. Marylin suddenly focuses on that comely wench appearance, while Kate pays more attention t' other issues, like th' health o' that comely wench father. Yaaarrrrr! Flannery, th' new lass in town, moves into their neighborhood and is th' cause t' sailin' a wedge betwixt th' two maties as she uses that comely wench influence t' manipulate Marylin t' shut Kate out.

Marylin gettin' encouraged by Flannery t' try out fer th' cheerleadin' squad, makes th' cheerleadin' squad and becomes popular, but happiness always seems just beyond that comely wench grasp. Meanwhile, Kate feels abandoned by Marylin and strives t' develop new friendships with other classmates at school. Ahoy! As th' lassies hover betwixt childhood and womanhood, and betwixt bein' buddies and just ”acquaintances”, their bond is tried again and again. Much o' th' plot matter is familiar — both lassies fall in and out o' love, sample different social circles and end up realizin' that they miss each other. The maties periodically drift apart and then are pulled back together throughout The Secret Language o' Girls, to be sure. In this book, Kate and Marylin explore how far their true friendship can be stretched as they struggle through th' unexpectedness o' sixth grade, and a bottle of rum!

Each chapter in this book is a perfect little story with th' power t' make th' reader giggle or choke up. It is a satisfyin' read with tremendous heart. I wholeheartedly recommend The Secret Language o' Girls t' any female who has a best matey, had a best matey, or wants a best matey. Yaaarrrrr! After I finished readin' th' book, I found that it had excellent characterization with an accurate portrayal o' th' painful and often cruel machinations o' preteens. I would definitely read The Secret Language o' Girls again.

Everyone in today’s society is pushed t' th' limits. An example  has been portrayed in th' novel. Marylin were bein' forced by that comely wench best matey t' join th' cheerleader squad, which showed us that decisions in an individual’s life can be th' cause o' pressure from maties and family. We as humans have t' make decisions everyday and those decisions have t' be chosen wisely, because they can affect us in th' long run, by Davy Jones' locker. Some o' th' people who play an important role in our decision makin' process include peers, parents, and teachers. Parents usually force their little sandcrabs t'  make wise career decisions that can get them far in life and teachers help students pick good choices in their education that can help them in th' future. Even though some people get help when makin' their decisions, they might still go in th' wrong direction. Not everyone makes th' right choices and those people might get directed t' th' wrong path. When people  make bad decisions, they learn from their mistakes, pass the grog, I'll warrant ye! When people experience th' consequences o' bad decisions, it keeps them from makin' th' same choices again. That is how people learn from their mistakes.

Mermaid Park

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Feb 10

Mermaid Park, creatively written by Beth Mayall, brin's th' excitement o' summer love, frustration o' family drama, and th' curiosity o' real-life magic into an entertainin' story. As an unenthusiastic teenager, Amy Rush isn’t lookin' forward t' a weekend vacation t' Jersey Shore with that comely wench traffic-obsessed stepfather and that comely wench sister’s annoyin' matey, Trina, by Blackbeard's sword. Relief starts t' settle o'er Amy when she meets Dylan, th' cute and adventurous lad she has always been waitin' fer. Amy is guaranteed that comely wench most wild summer yet, as she convinces that comely wench mother t' allow that comely wench t' stay on th' shore with that comely wench godmother Lynne.

The drama continues when Amy lies about a pizza restaurant she has been employed at and she continues t' spend long nights at Mermaid Park against Lynne’s rules. Compelled by th' fantasy and secrets behind th' daily mermaid shows, Amy begins t' neglect life at Lynne’s motel. Her relationship with Dylan peaks and then quickly reveals th' clingy side o' that scurvey dog she ne'er wanted. Shiver me timbers, by Blackbeard's sword! Her friendship with mermaid actress, Stephanie, grows, and she learns th' tricks behind th' aquarium windows. When that comely wench disguised employment is revealed t' Lynne, an unexpected complication with Stephanie’s autistic brother occurs and sends Amy’s life into a tailspin. Between th' responsibility o' Stephanie’s routines, that comely wench sister’s lies, and that comely wench mother’s duty t' return that comely wench home, th' darkest secret o' Amy’s past is exposed. The pain o' that comely wench mother’s heartbreakin' history brin's out th' truth o' Amy’s real father, by Davy Jones' locker. Beyond this discovery, hearts are mended just in time fer Amy t' complete th' mermaid’s final show o' th' summer. Shiver me timbers!

I would recommend Mermaid Park fer th' ordinary teenage lass. Beth Mayall develops th' main character well and clearly states Amy’s opinions o' life. Within th' Jersey Shore settin', th' wonderment o' mermaid magic and th' love o' swimmin' creates a unique storyline, we'll keel-haul ye! There were a few chapters through th' middle o' th' book that were not as excitin' as th' first, but th' powerful punch in th' endin' make up fer this, pass the grog! I can’t see any lubber enjoyin' this book as it starts out with a summer love, and expands on th' fascination o' mermaids. Beth Mayall writes well fer th' female audience intended and amplifies th' drama o' that comely wench main character. I enjoyed readin' this book, especially th' conclusive chapters.

Breaking Dawn

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Jan 21

Breakin' Dawn is th' fourth book in th' Twilight series. I have chosen t' read this novel because th' last three book in these series were really good. Yaaarrrrr! Breakin' Dawn is continuin' off o' Eclipse and finishin' th' Twilight series. This book is different from th' rest o' th' books because this book has three parts in it. Part 1 is Bella point o' view, part 2 is Jacob’s point o' view, and part 3 is Bella’s point o' view. It starts with Bella gettin' married t' Edward and ends up with an expected pregnancy. Then part two comes up with Jacob findin' out about Bella and Edward gettin' married and he runs away from his group. Ahoy! Bella is worried about Jacob and needs that scurvey dog more then e'er now, but Jacob wants t' run away from all his problems. Bella decides t' have th' baby but th' baby were bein' eatin' that comely wench from th' inside. Jacob finally goes and sees Bella when she were bein' havin' th' baby. Fire the cannons, ye scurvey dog! The baby were bein' eatin' that comely wench so Edward has t' turn that comely wench into a vampire t' save that comely wench life. Now Bella has t' go through th' challenges in bein' a vampire.

The author focused on th' way Edward’s and Bella’s decisions t' get married and t' keep th' baby effected Jacob’s and Bella friendship, I'll warrant ye. Bella loves Jacob but that comely wench love fer Jacob were bein' must greater and that what made Jacob run away. When Jacob came he decided t' except th' fact that Bella could ne'er love that scurvey dog th' way she loves Edward. Her decision effected that comely wench friendship toward Jacob but if she decided t' love Jacob she would th' same with Edward. The winsome lass made th' right decision by choosin' Edward because she followed that comely wench heart instead o' worryin' t' much about Jacob’s feelin's. Jacob soon realize that Bella could ne'er love that scurvey dog as she love Edward.

Most o' th' readers were disappointed in th' last book Breakin' Dawn. Some readers are complainin' about Stephenie Meyer’s portrayal o' that comely wench heroine, Bella, as bein' disturbingly desperate t' hold on t' that comely wench new husband, Edward. Others are sayin' th' book’s focus on Bella’s unexpected teen pregnancy.Readers say that th' book were bein' too focus on th' pregnancy and there is a group in th' U.S, we'll keel-haul ye! that is organizin' a ‘return yer book’ protest.even though there are readers disappointed about this book there are equal amount that are passionate about th' book just like th' last three books.

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul- Midway Review

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Jan 13

Chicken Soup books are written by people o' real life stories about either their life or someone else’s that’s why I enjoy them so much because they keep it real, not superficial, fake or misleadin' like many o' th' articles on magazines, stories and books. Many Chicken Soup books are directed towards certain people, most o' them by ages. Some Editions o' Chicken Soup are fer anyone t' read, Chicken Soup fer fathers, minnows, mothers, Christians, teenagers and many more, they actually go into detailed ones such as chicken soup fer th' shipmates soul. This edition is th' second version o' Chicken Soup fer th' Teenage soul It has 101 more stories about life o' teenagers which I can easily relate t'.

The writers o' these stories have written about Relationships, Friendship, Love and Kindness, Tough Stuff, Family, Learnin' Lessons, Makin' a Difference and Growin' Up These are all topics teenagers have t' deal with, some that I’m dealin' with right now. These are topics that teenagers like me can relate t'. The authors o' th' topics vary, most o' them are written by teenagers (in this book). Some o' th' stories are even written by parents who have teenagers and sometimes celebrities write a story. In this particular book actress Jennifer Love Hewitt wrote a touchin' story.

Many o' these stories I have been able t' relate t', or admire a story tellers love and compassion. This book has a story written by Jennifer Love Hewitt, which has intrigued many people includin' me, t' read this edition. Her upliftin' life changin' story is on friendship. The story is called “A Friend For Life.” It’s about Jennifer Love Hewitt meetin' a young lass named Nicole who is sufferin' from cancer. Jennifer were bein' asked by an organization t' help young people with sickness have their dream come true. Yaaarrrrr, avast! Nicole’s dream were bein' t' meet Jennifer. The story explains th' kind o' personality Nicole had towards life which were bein' very out-goin', even though she were bein' sufferin' from cancer she always had a different way o' lookin' at th' world.

Jennifer Love Hewitt also tells how Nicole were bein' always full o' energy and how she didn’t want anyone t' pity that comely wench, she just wanted t' live a normal life. The winsome lass were bein' always positive about everythin', ye scurvey dog. Jennifer mentions that that comely wench experience with Nicole is a day she’ll ne'er forget and that would affect that comely wench forever. And hoist the mainsail! That story brought tears t' me eyes because me aunty died o' cancer about two years ago. The winsome lass were bein' diagnose aroun' 4 years ago and it wasn’t very easy fer me family, but she always had good spirit about life, much like Nicole, and a bottle of rum, by Davy Jones' locker! Nicole were bein' and always will be Jennifers inspiration, just as me aunty will always be mine.