Who am I

This is a story about me, Layne. I’m 6’4 and I’m 14 most people think I’m older because I’m tall. I like to travel around places and I’m active in most sports I play. I would like to be in the welding trade and wear shorts all year round.


There are many things I like some things more than others. The things I like the most are music I always have my music on me it helps me get into the jam of stuff. It helps me work better in everything I do, there has not been one day in the whole year I haven’t had my music off. I usually put it on whenever I can. I love playing sports it’s what keeps me active and I love being part of a team it teaches me to focus and to have positivity.


I really enjoy sports my favorite sport is bowling. For bowling, I have been to nationals in Regina and I represented Alberta, I placed fifth out of all the provinces. I also enjoy volleyball, this year are volleyball team won all our games against all teams in the league. My third favorite sport is playing basketball. basketball is pretty good for me because I am usually taller than all the players on all the other teams.

The career I want is in welding, I have always enjoyed doing stuff that is physical and I have always pushed myself to work my hardest. I try to do everything right my motto is ” just get it done”. I don’t care what it is it’s better just to get it done than let it sit there and I’m sure that can take me far in life. The more you get done the more you live your life.

This is things about me Layne that I like to do in my life. I find these things fun and want to do in my life. and I don’t think I can find anything else that I think I would rather do in my life.

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