Layer mask

These are the two original photos I used for the neighbour and the house.

This is my final outcome from combining them which I layered them. Then I had to scale the house because it was to big to fit with the neighbour so I had to scale it to 256 so there same size. Once i had them sized and layered I lowered the opacity to 75.3.

Find the 6 differences

This is the original photo

This is the changed picture

step 1: I changed the black nozzle to blue

step 2:I then changed the top side of the train

step 3: I removed  the plant at the very top beside the top of the tree

step 4: I made one of the gates black

step 5: I made one of the train blocks in the top right blue

step 6: I removed the bush  beside the carpet

For all the cover changes I used the paint brush. For the item removal I used the eraser and then used the colour picker tool then took the carpet colour and painted over the empty spot.